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  CRB Dictionary - Bingo:

One of the early favorites among casino games is bingo. Previously, it was a social game that intends to entertain people at a gathering. Lately, though, it has transcended to become an exciting casino game that offers gambling satisfaction to both online and land-based players.

Before, bingo is played in halls or arenas. Today, people who are just right in front of the computer can also enjoy the game.

The Basic Rules of the Game

Bingo is basically played with bingo cards. A bingo card is a card with a 5x5 grid. Each letter of the word bingo (B-I-N-G-O) has five random numbers below it except for N, which has a free or blank third space.


B covers the numbers 1-15, I the numbers 16-30, N covers the numbers 31-45, G covers the numbers 46-60, and O covers the numbers 61-75. That is from where the number calling such as B-11, I-17, N-35, G53, and O-72 come from. To win at bingo, a player only needs to complete a specific bingo pattern at play, before someone else does.

How a player completes the pattern depends on how lucky he is. In bingo, there is a designated caller who randomly draws the numbers. The number calling is usually rapid so you really need to pay serious attention to the game and keep track of your cards so as not to miss any of them. Missing to mark a number can make you lose. Remember that to win the pot, you need to be the first to shout Bingo!

Bingo Tips

To be successful at playing bingo, there are things that you need to know. Pay attention to these useful tips:

Tip #1: The payouts and the game rules usually vary depending on the particular game. It is crucial, therefore, for any bingo player to read about the rules and understand the payout first before diving into the game.

Tip #2: Play with only as much cards as you can handle. This is especially true if you are playing in a land-based bingo hall. If you have ten cards at play in a particular game, you will find it difficult to keep track of all of them to be able to mark them properly. It is advisable that you buy just five cards in a game or as many cards that you can handle.

Bingo Online

Tip #3: Be always at your toes. Number calling in bingo can be rapid. It is easy to miss a number called. So one of the keys to winning that has nothing to do with luck or superstition is concentration. Stay focused on the game so as not to miss the numbers being called.

Tip #4: Have fun. Bingo is truly a social game. Since you cannot control the breaks of the game to favor you and no amount of game strategy could help you win the pot, it is advisable that you just learn to enjoy your stay at the bingo hall by making friends with the other players and just have as much fun as possible.

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