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The most popular of casino games is no wonder those that involve playing cards. A card game is popular not just in our time but during the time of our ancestors as well. From then and until now, card games provide an excitement like no other for gamblers of all kinds.

The History

Card games are believed to have started from China where playing cards have originated. It was the Chinese who discovered paper. They are also the ones who established making money out of paper. The earliest playing cards were found in China around the 9th century. It was during the 1400s that playing cards started to spread all over Europe. It was also during this time that the transformation of ancient playing cards to what we know about today occurred.

Card Game

The Deck

Playing cards are characterized by a deck. Different games require different decks. The standard deck of playing cards includes 52 cards. The cards are classified under four suits – Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. Each suit has thirteen ranks. There are the numerical from 2 to 10 and the face cards, which include Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The standard deck is modified depending on the card game at hand. About two to four Jokers may be used along with the standard 52 cards, depending on the rules of the game, in the particular region or culture.

Types of Card Games

The biggest family of related card games is undoubtedly poker. It is a favorite card game anywhere in the world, among gamblers of different kinds. Through the years, different versions of poker existed. It even has a version supported by mechanical device, the Video Poker, which is tugging with Slots in popularity among casino players. In poker, the player’s goal is to beat the hand of each and every player in the game. That is the only way he could get his hands onto the pot, which is where the bets go. The different poker varieties are distinguished in many ways – how cards are dealt, how players can improve a hand, and the ranking system.

Card Games

Another casino favorite card game is blackjack. In this case, players wager against the house or the casino and not against each other. The goal in a game of blackjack is for any player to get a hand of 11 or beat the hand of the Dealer at the very least. Like poker, there are many versions of blackjack. Each is distinctive of the certain rules they go about.

But a card game is not all about poker or blackjack. There are various card games, which do not require people to play in the casino. Some card games are merely for entertainment. Others form like a hobby. Collectible cards also have a card game dedicated to it, believe it or not. Some card game types include matching games, solitaire, trick-taking games, shedding games, accumulating games, and fishing games among others. These games vary according to the rules and requirements. They also do not necessarily need bets or require people to gamble.

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