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  CRB Dictionary - Cashier:

One of the most popular casino staff is undoubtedly the cashier. This is the personnel in which gamblers run to for chips exchange.

Generally speaking, a cashier is an establishment staff assigned to deal with customers regarding transactions that involves money. Every type of business that requires relating to people over monetary transactions employs a cashier. Cashiers can be found in shopping centers, stores, restaurants, banks, car dealerships, currency exchange centers, and bars among others.

In the casino, the work of the cashier is to convert the customer’s money into casino tokens and their casino tokens into currencies.

Qualities of a Good Cashier

Being a cashier is a skill. Not all the requirements you need to be competent in this job can be learned from school. Although a degree in accounting could be helpful.


A good cashier must be an expert with regards to handling money. He must be able to count accurately and must recognize different currencies. Issuing too little or too much to a customer could mean big problem for the cashier, which will naturally reflect to the business.

Aside from money skills, cashiers are required to have people skills; they need to be people- oriented. Customer service skills are required since they are constantly dealing with clients in every transaction. They should not only learn to count money accurately but to treat their clients or customers with respect as well. Cashiers need to be able to know how to conduct themselves properly in public. Being the ones who come in contact with customers, they represent the company they are working for in a way.

The Casino Cashier

The requirements to be a good casino cashier are no different from the requirements of being a regular cashier. You need to be armed with people and money skills, which you will use to deal with your clients, the casino players.

But the work of a casino cashier does not start and end at the casino floor. It is but part of a huge responsibility that involves thee casino’s finances.

Cashier Online

In a casino, the cage is a popular station. It is where the finances are held. It is the central hub of money coming in and out of the casino. The employee handling this important place is none other than the cashier itself. He is assigned to count and record the money that comes and goes. He must be able to spot discrepancies if there are any and be able to perform bookkeeping duties. Inventory of chips, credit notes, and cash is one of the most important roles that a casino cashier is required to play.

Experience in bank, financial institutions, and other money-related duties could help a casino cashier perform his job well. Anything that has to do with money and anything that has to do with dealing people can help cashier hopefuls perfect the skills needed to be a good candidate for the job. Working as a casino cashier has its ups and downs. It has its good and bad sides. But as with any other job or duty, you need to do your best to actually deliver!

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