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  CRB Dictionary - Casino Tokens:

It is true that when you are gambling, you are transported into an entirely different place, a different world altogether. Casino tokens are a proof of that.

Casino tokens, also known as chips or checks or plaques, are the local currencies used inside the casino. Yes, you do not need to flaunt how much cash you have in the gambling arena. Your money only goes as far as the cashier where you will be required to pay an amount of money in exchange of casino tokens. Casino tokens make for the real essence of play money.

Casino Token

The Material

Casino tokens are made of a variety of materials. They can be made of molded clay, which is widely used in table games, and of metal, which is often the requirement in slot machines. Casino tokens are usually round, about the size of a coin. There is a rectangular variety, also known as plaque, which is widely used in high stake games. Casino tokens are also designed differently, according to the casino using them.

The Value

Casino tokens are available in different denominations. Each set or color scheme stands for a specific value or use. Casino tokens can be exchanged for money anytime inside the casino. They do not, however, have any value outside the gambling arena. But some casinos have this scheme of recognizing another casino’s token.

There are many reasons that prove casino tokens are useful. For one, they are more convenient than regular money. With regular money, counting can be difficult. With casino tokens, counting is as easy as 1-2-3 since each set is assigned with a specific value. Sets of casino tokens are uniform in size. Unlike paper currency, whose value is difficult to distinguish, stacks of casino tokens can be easily recognized. Casino tokens make the Dealer’s job simple and foolproof. They enable him to check the amount being paid and the amount he is distributing without fuss.

Casino Tokens

Casino tokens also allow casino gamblers to bet freely. They do not mind about the money they are losing or earning as much because they can only guess based on the pile of stacks they have on hand.

A casino token is a vital element of the casino. Without it, the essence of the casino is incomplete. That’s why taking it out of the equation is out of question. In recent years, however, casinos have adapted the idea of replacing casino tokens, the metal variety in particular, with prepaid cards or paper receipts. Paper receipts said to eliminate the problems gamblers encounter with slot machines that take or eat up coins.

For some people, casino tokens mean a different thing altogether. They use them as a collection more than pieces of entry to the gambling world. Collecting casino tokens is a hobby that started during late 1980s when the Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club was established. People collect and trade casino tokens, which involves a whole lot of money as well. In fact, there’s a casino token available on popular e-commerce site eBay that costs no less than $50,000.

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