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  CRB Dictionary - Craps Tips:

Craps is a popular casino game that people from different ages enjoy. It is characterized by a specially designed craps table that you will find at a land-based casino. Craps is also becoming popular among online players with more and more gambling sites making it available for play.

If you are one of those who love playing the challenge and the excitement of craps, you will surely find the following craps tips useful:

Tip #1: Learn the craps lingo. If you are a newbie player, you will feel nothing more than an outsider if you do not do your homework first. Learn to manage your way through craps vocabulary so you will not feel lost while you are seated at the table to play the game.

Craps Tips

Tip #2: After learning the lingo, it is time that you learn the game theory. Of course, practice will surely help build your skills at playing the game. But getting a good start by researching how the game works would make for an all-important first step.

Tip #3: Learn how to bet. There are numerous ways of betting in craps. Each bet carries its own odds. To play the game well, you need to understand how the bets might work for or against you. By learning all about the bets, you will be able to develop your own strategies. You see, once you are into the game, you are required to make wagering decisions within a few seconds. So you cannot possibly do the lecture while you are already at play. It can be costly to do so.

Tip #4: The key for casino players to win at craps is to learn to concentrate and focus on the game. Concentration makes for a strong advantage because it gives you a head start on playing the odds well. Managing the odds and making them favorable to your bets is a way of making a lot of money playing craps.

Tip #5: Observe discipline in placing bets. Along with concentration, discipline is another important virtue that will help you bring home the bacon playing craps.

Tip #6: Understand that you are playing with the odds here. Being aware of the odds and how you could play them to your advantage are good craps strategies that players who want to go serious with the game must learn.

Tip #7: Play cautiously. It takes so much effort building up the kind of discipline you need for craps. Yet, once you are able to accomplish this task, you will have better chances at walking away with a beefed up bankroll.

Craps Bet

Tip #8: Try not to combine different bets at the same time. Go easy on the bets. Play only the odds you think would deliver.

Tip #9: Pay attention to Pass/Don’t Pass bets. The winning money you are waiting for might be in them. Also, note that Come bets are also good ideas to bet on. That is if you are ahead of the game and you manage to point out a shooter who is throwing many point numbers too frequently.

Tip #10: Enjoy! This is still just a game, after all.

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