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  CRB Dictionary - Craps table:

Craps players understand that the most important aspect of the game is the table. The craps table presents a layout specifically intended for the excited players of this favorite table game.

Usually, you will find a craps table teeming with excited casino patrons. If you happen to be confused which it is, the craps table is a long table covered with green felt that is managed by at least four casino personnel. That is, of course, an actual scene at a brick-and-mortar casino. If you are an online player, you just need to click on craps to be presented by the craps table layout.

What’s in the Table?

As mentioned earlier, a craps table is usually covered with green felt. It is long and rectangular with white lettering and a mix of other colors. The table layout reveals the types of bets available.

There are two end sides to a craps table. Each side mirrors the images on the other side. The reason for this is to accommodate as many players at a time as possible.

Craps Table

You will find different sections intended for Pass Line, Place, Come, and Field bets among others in a craps table. These are the sections where you will assign casino chips as bets.

How to Manage your Way Through?

Understanding the craps table layout is equivalent to understanding the game theory. Craps is a game based on pure luck. It is also very easy to play.

Basically, all you need to do as a craps player is place a smart bet and hope against hope that the person rolling the dice or the shooter does good. Naturally, when the shooter does good, those who place bets also do good. It is like you are playing not against each other but against the house edge. Your opponent in craps is the house or the odds.

Craps Tables

How you become the shooter? Well, that one is easy. The players who are in for the excitement usually take turns to become the shooter or the designated player to roll the dice. You wait as the appointment rolls clockwise until you end up with your turn. If you do not want to shoulder that responsibility of throwing the dice and have each and every player’s future at your fingertips, you may pass up on being the shooter. However, it would be a cowardly thing to do. You will also never know if you have the hot hand unless you try rolling.

If you are still quite confused with how craps goes, you will probably need to sit in at a game. Take our word for it: craps is a pretty easy and simple game. All that you need to do to manage your way through is to understand the craps table layout and learn about the betting basics. Once you learn what the table layout is all about and you learn how to bet, including the indications and the possible outcomes of different bets available, you will easily be on your way of becoming a great craps player.

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