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The croupier, also known as the dealer, is one of the more prominent casino personalities. Croupiers play a huge role in table games such as poker and blackjack. They are the ones who get to come in close contact with the casino patrons on the floor, while they are at play.

The most common duty of a croupier is to take care of the bets. He is responsible for taking the bets and paying out winning bets. In some cases, a croupier is employed just to oversee how the game goes for the players. Most croupiers are employed in table games that involve playing cards. But it is also common to see a croupier supervising roulette or a craps game.


Training for the Post

To become a croupier, you need to learn the ropes, the ins and outs of the job. There is no other way to do that than to train for the position itself. Casinos offer free training to those who are interested for the position mainly to introduce them to the game. The first game they usually learn is either blackjack or roulette. In those games, the casino will not lose as much in case the croupier makes a mistake. That’s why newbies in the field are usually assigned to those games. Games with complicated payout systems, meanwhile, are reserved for the more competent, more experienced croupiers. Errors in those games could mean a lot of money lost for the casino.

Casino employees who are training to become croupiers usually do not have a choice to which game or games they will be assigned. But naturally, they go on a round robin scheme. They get their turn to supervise a game after another. It is not at all surprising to find a croupier learning how to manage a second or third game. That’s all part of the training process. Once they become familiar with a particular game, they will be moved up the ladder to learn another and another and another.

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Earning Tips

Croupiers have a specific salary that they earn the way any other regular employees do. But sometimes they earn extra. That extra usually comes in a form of a tip. Remember that croupiers deal with the casino players on a personal, day-to-day basis. Some players, especially those who experienced a good round, would be generous enough to share something out of their win to the croupier. That does not mean, however, that croupiers can do something to bend the possible outcome of the game. They do not have anything to do with the outcome or whatsoever. But as they are present right at that glorious moment, they easily get to enjoy casino players’ generosity firsthand.

Tipping to croupiers is not illegal. But casinos sometimes have a different way of dealing with it. There are some casinos that allow the croupier to personally enjoy whatever is given to them. In some casinos, however, a tip is sent through a pool or fund that is divided among casino employees. The latter is said to be more ideal because it helps the croupier to be objective and professional at all times.

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