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Dice is the plural of the noun “die.” It is used to come up with numbers by chance. A die is usually a small cube with dots on each face. The quantity of dots on each face is unique, and is one of the numbers from one to six. Dice are used in a number of different gambling games. They are often used in pairs, or groups of three. Every now and then, you may see only one die being used, but this is often only to determine playing order, and from then on, is not part of the game proper.


A Little History

The connection between dice and gambling goes back quite far. In fact, one of the most famous examples can be traced several thousand years back, to an incident in the sacred Hindu epic The Mahabharata. In that story, the adventures of the five heroic Pandava brothers in exile begin when the eldest brother, Yuddhisthira loses spectacularly in a game of dice with a devious uncle. Dice have also featured in the Chinese game Sic Bo, which is popular all over Asia, and has been making inroads into Western casinos. Scholars remain divided as to exactly where dice originated, but many of them do believe that they were invented in India, and spread out from there.

Modern Gambling Usage

Dice form the essence of many popular gambling games. One is craps, a game played with two dice. It is very simple, and needs very little special equipment. In the popular imagination, the game tends to be associated with soldiers, who would easily be able to play such a game in camps or barracks.


For something a little fancier, you might want to take a look at Sic Bo. The three dice in this game offer a very wide range of betting possibilities. There are other games similar to Sic Bo, which differ from it primarily in betting options, or in the method of rolling the dice. In Chuck-a-Luck, for example, the dice are not thrown but kept inside a transparent hourglass, which is turned end over end in order to move the dice.

Such games are all about betting on the facets of the dice that will face upward once they stop rolling. You might bet on the total number of dots shown on all the dice. Bet on a specific value, or a range of values. You might also want to bet on whether a certain number of dots will show up, and on how many dice that number will appear. The possibilities are quite diverse, especially when you play with three dice.


Even so, the gambling world is not the only place where you might find interesting uses for dice. Many board games use dice, specifying the number of spaces you can move your playing piece toward a finish line. If you are so inclined, do look up the special dice used in role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Though dice are particularly important in gambling, they are a major feature in other types of games, as well.

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