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  CRB Dictionary - Draw Poker:

There are many different poker games. Each game is as unique and as challenging as the other. Poker games are mostly differentiated by the rules applied to play them. The rules change the structure and predictability of a game so it is distinguished from the others.

One notable poker variant is draw poker. In simple terms, draw poker is a game variety where players are dealt a complete hand before the first betting round occurs. The player will only have the opportunity to build up his hand along the way by drawing or replacing some, if not all, of his cards.

Draw poker is further divided into many different games. Each game is then separated by the betting structures or betting limits, which are basically minimum and maximum amounts of bets allowed per betting round, including the forced bets.

If it is a home game you are playing, it is typical that an ante forced bet is required. An ante bet is a bet required for all players to put into the pot before the dealing commences.

Draw Poker

In the casino, blind bets are often used. The blind is a forced bet required for one or more players to put into the pot before dealing begins. There is a small and big blind. All details pertaining to that, including who is required to put in the blind, are predetermined before the game starts.

Five-Card Draw

The most common and most simple draw poker variety is the Five-Card Draw. This poker variant is usually the first game that newbie poker players learn. It is also very common in home games or during play between friends. In the casino, however, the Five-Card Draw is not as popular as it used to. You will hardly find Five-Card Draw tournaments in land-based and even online casinos.

Five-Card Draw poker is very easy to learn. It is luck-based as much as it is skill-based, like most poker variants. The cards are randomly dealt so you have equal chances as well as your opponents to get either strong or weak cards. Your ability to make careful judgment, meanwhile, will play an integral part on your winning.

Five and Draw Poker

Five-Card Draw poker can be played by two to eight individuals. The card rankings or the value of each card is the same with the rest with 2-10 ranked at face value and the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace considered as the high cards. The Aces’ use doubles as the lowest ranking card in case it is needed for any kind of Straight hands.

After an ante or blind bet is made, the cards are dealt. All the players seated on the table are dealt with five cards. After dealing, the first betting round begins starting at the player to the Dealer’s left. Players may call, raise, or fold. Then they will be given the option to draw or replace their cards from the top of the card deck. They can also choose to stay and not exchange anything. When drawing/staying is through, another betting round occurs. The remaining players who have not folded will need to show their hands. The player with the best hand wins the game.

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