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  CRB Dictionary - Forced Bets:

Betting is an integral part of a game of poker. Some even consider it as the heart and structure of the game. How well you play the game is not really about how you play your cards but how well you place your bets. Cards are dealt randomly; Bets are offered electively. This practically means that the card dealing composes the luck part of a game of poker while betting composes the skill part.

Forced Bets

One important bet to note is the forced bet. As the name suggests, forced bets are mandatory bets that players should need to make to enter the hand at play. Most of the time, forced bets are made at the beginning of every game to build the pot. It is the best that makes the initial stake, which poker players will contest. In this case, a player has no choice – he cannot bluff, fold, or hold back – but to make the bet.

Forced bets are designed to ensure that no player gets to play a game for free. With forced bets, the players at the table cannot always fold or sit around and wait until they luckily get a good hand.

Forced bets have different requirements with every game. The betting structure, which determines the betting limits or the minimum and maximum amount of bets allowed in the game, also determines the requirements for forced bets.

Generally, there are three types of forced bets: ante, blind, and bring-in.

Forced Bets

The Ante

Ante is a forced bet where all the players on the table are required to put in equal amounts of bets before the deal starts. In regular, home games of poker, the ante is mostly small. In casino games, the ante is pre-determined by the rotating acting dealer. Casino and tournament games usually require a larger ante. That is, to build up the prize at stake for players in the game. Once the ante of the amount of forced bet required is established, the player to the left of the dealer begins betting.

The Blind

Blind is a forced bet that is put in by one or more players into the pot before the dealing starts. A blind bet is not very common. Only a few chosen games require a blind bet. The ever popular Texas Hold’em is one of them. A blind bet is created to ensure that betting action is active with every hand so that no player plays the game for free. It is also common in casino and tournament poker games. Sometimes, more than one blind bet is required each game. The big blind or small blind or both may be used in the game.

The Bring-In

Like the blind bet, the bring-in is a forced bet that is made in certain poker game varieties. It is commonly practiced in Stud Poker and the like. The bring-in bet is assigned to a specific player with the lowest hand ranking or a particular card. The bring-in forced bet is normally lower than the minimum betting limit. But the player has the freedom to place the bet required or a higher amount.

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