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  CRB Dictionary - Gambling:

Gambling is an act of wagering or betting using money and other material possessions. People gamble with intentions of winning additional money or material things. That’s why they put whatever they have in an uncertain outcome.

The History of Gambling

Gambling is as old as probably man’s existence itself. There were evidences found that proves most cultures supported a form of gambling one way or another. There were artifacts found that shows people gamble as early as around 1500 B.C.

The earliest gambling relic found was discovered in Egypt. It was a pair of ivory dice believed to be made even before 1500 B.C. Writings on a tablet in one of the pyramids of Giza also mentioned something about gambling. Ancient Greece, India, and Rome also showed traces of gambling history. Card games, meanwhile, are believed to have originated from ancient China. It was the Chinese who discovered paper and playing cards are said to have come from them.


Our ancestors used to gamble for a whole lot of reasons. In fact, in some territories, gambling played a pivotal role in history. It was a roll of dice that decided who should own the isolated district of Hising, which was contested by both the kings of Sweden and Norway.

At some point, gambling was outlawed in some nations. During the 14th Century, King Henry VIII had to ban gambling because he received reports that it was getting in the way of his soldier’s performance of their duties.

Gambling went through many different obstacles and many different stages before it came to what it is known today. The latest update is, of course, the fact that it was made even more accessible through the introduction of the wired world or the Internet. Through online casinos and different gambling sites, one does not have to go far from the comforts of his home to enjoy a bunch of games, bet, and possibly get a hand on winning.

Types of Gambling

It must be clear that gambling is more than just about the games played in casinos. Casino games are a form of gambling as much as betting based on a bunch of odds is.

There is no denying, however, that the best place to gamble is inside a casino. In there, all types of gambling can be experienced. There are a number of casino games widely enjoyed around the world. There’s bingo, poker, slots, keno, and blackjack among others.

Other gambling games, which you can enjoy even outside the casino, include Mahjong, scratchcards, and lotteries.

Sportsbetting is another popular gambling form. Wagering on the odds of team sports in the field of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey among others is a favorite past time for both sports and gambling buffs. There are also those who bet on greyhound and horse races. Bets in those gambling forms could be placed through bookmakers or from person-to-person.

Betting exchanges may also occur between individuals over practically anything. Propositional betting is a beloved gambling form among Americans. This usually occurs along with a dare. There is also the practice of making a bet over what is true or false about a forthcoming event. This is usually participated by parties who have different but strong views over a specific thing.

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