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  CRB Dictionary - Jackpot:

There is nothing more alluring to get into the gambling games than earning the chance to win a jackpot. The jackpot is the perfect attraction for both newbie and expert players. It is the thing that draws them into the games in the first place. It is the thing that sparks the interest of those who have not yet tried a game of chance. It is also the thing that makes experienced gamblers stay at the casino and play more frequently.

Jackpot Types

Casino jackpots are not limited to just the prize for a winning bet. They may take different forms. They may occur differently. But in the long run, a jackpot is a jackpot. It is the prize intended for a gambler who gets lucky.

Jackpots are different with every game. Slots, poker, blackjack, craps, bingo, keno, and other games have different schemes in offering a jackpot. In poker, the jackpot is the amount of bets that are pooled from the contenders. In blackjack, the jackpot is earned when a blackjack or the best hand comes up. In bingo, the jackpot is earned by the first player who completes the number pattern.

Progressive Jackpots

Nothing is far more interesting and far more exciting about casino games than progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is an amount of prize that grows constantly until a player luckily bags it. In progressive Slots, for example, the jackpot prize grows by the minute. The progressive slot machine is usually linked to each other. Every player who tries the game and puts a bet into it builds the jackpot. The lucky one who wagers the maximum amount of bet required and who hits the right payline will instantly bag a fortune.


House Edge

The jackpot is an integral part of a pleasant gambling experience. It adds up to the excitement and the fun of playing games. People come back for more games, bet more money, and stay on at the casino for a longer period of time with hopes of hitting the jackpot. But did you know that casinos do not necessarily lose when one hits a jackpot?

Yes, it’s true. Casinos stay in business even when players hit jackpots because they are protected with an edge. The house edge is an advantage that casinos rightfully earn, as regulated by the law, for casino games. Every bet that players make in a specific game has a probability of either winning or losing. Naturally, casinos don’t play an even money bet. They take a small percentage from the odds that casinos pay when you hit a win.

The house edge or the casino edge is different with every game. There is a specific percentage ruled by law in every game that goes to the house. This keeps the casino in business. This is where the casino’s earnings come from.

But no, casinos do not cheat you with an edge. As mentioned earlier, the house edge is regulated by the law. It is awarded to casinos so they remain in business even if you hit a jackpot.

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