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Keno is a popular casino game that has its roots from Asia, particularly China. It was in late 19th century that Chinese immigrants brought keno to America where it gained much steam to be as popular as it is today.

Keno is played in lounges that you will find in casinos. It is also common to find keno runners who collects your ticket and allows you to play from outside the lounge area. Also, with the Internet revolution, there is really no need to go anywhere far from the comforts of your home to enjoy the game. You can be right in front of your computer and enjoy a round or two of the game to your heart’s content.

The Rules

Keno is basically just like lotto or lottery. To play it, you need to purchase keno tickets. You will need to mark a blank keno ticket with your selected numbers from 1-80. You can choose as few as four numbers to as many as ten.

After marking your ticket, you will present it to a casino clerk along with your wager. The casino clerk will then give you a duplicate card, which contains your selected numbers.


After getting the duplicate ticket, you will wait awhile until twenty keno balls are drawn randomly from a barrel, which contains all the 80 numbered keno balls. Naturally, if your numbers are called, you are given a corresponding winning amount for your bet.

The amount of winnings that you may cash in from a game of keno depends on the type of ticket you play, the wager you put in, and the number of spots that you hit.

House edge at a game of keno is high at 30%. It is one of the games with the worst odds, which you must avoid if you do not want losing money. Keno, however, is highly enjoyable. If you are up for the fun of playing it, nothing, not even the house advantage should stop you.

Game Strategy

There is really no need for tactics to play keno. As mentioned earlier, there is a very marginal chance of winning big in this game to take it seriously. But if you find it addicting enough, make sure that you read pay tables well enough. Choose a keno lounge where the corresponding pay for spots is highest.

Keno Online

Video Keno

One interesting variation of keno is Video Keno. It is like slots and keno put together to create one exciting game. Basically, the rules and the structure of the game is the same. The only difference is that you are playing it on a touch screen and the outcome of the game is delivered quite faster. If you are not careful enough, you may lose serious money by playing video keno. That’s because of its fast pace nature.

Choosing to play live keno or video keno ultimately depends on the player’s preference. There is really not much advantage of playing one against the other. So the key to choosing which one to go for depends on where you enjoy playing the game the most.

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