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  CRB Dictionary - Lever:

If you have been a longtime Slots player, most probably, you have already encountered a lever. If you are new to this game, you might wonder what a lever actually is.

Well, a lever is an integral part of the old slot machine layout. It is basically a handle, which you need to pull to get the reels spinning. As the world becomes modern and the slot machines of old got updated, newer units dropped the need for a lever. That is very true, especially for the touchscreen version. Newer slot machine also takes out the lever in exchange of a Spin button. In that case, the reels will start spinning with a simple press of a button.

The Common Slot Machine Layout

Slot machines almost always look the same. The top part is usually dedicated to show the kind of machine, the name of the game. Below the slot’s name is the pay table, which reveals the amount of bets needed to earn a specific amount of coins for a specific hit. On the screen of the slot machine are the reels. Reels carry the symbols that you will need to combine with every hit to earn credits. Depending on the slot machine you are playing at, you can see three or five reels. Some even have seven.

The lever is usually located at the right side of the slot machine. It is pulled from top to bottom to mobilize the reels and get them spinning.


Lately, slot machines that are powered with levers are considered outdated. Some casinos do employ them still more for their sentimental value than anything else. Some players still like the old appeal of Slots and for the most part, they would be scouting for a lever-powered Slot machine.

Even the most classic slot machines no longer require a lever. They were designed to deliver convenient plays. As such, they are powered with buttons rather than levers. The spin button is a common sight for most slot machines of today. They are pretty convenient and look “high tech”. In touchscreen machines, both levers and spin buttons are no longer needed. Hitting a picture on the screen is enough to get the game going for such a kind.

Still Prefers the Lever

Some Slots players are kept amazed by lever machines. They choose to frequent those machines that have the feel of the bygone day in them. They are not at all old, mind you. Some are young whose interest is sparked by the old appeal of lever Slot machines.

No matter what, it cannot be stressed enough that Slots is in the high ranks among the favorite games that people come out to play at the casino. Whether it is an old lever Slot machine or a high tech touchscreen mechanical device, people are consistently astounded with the amount of fun a single spin of reels can deliver. That is one of the best reasons Slot machines are never bare. They are almost always filled with excited players who want a slice of bigtime entertainment even for just a small sum of bet.

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