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As you must understand, poker is more than just a game of cards. It is a game where the player’s skill is tested and challenged through betting. Among all the casino games, poker is well loved because it is skill-based as it is luck-based. The skill part comes into play depending on how well a player places bets. The luck part, meanwhile, comes in whenever cards are dealt. The Dealer deals cards randomly. You have equal chances with all the other players to get a low-ranking or high-ranking poker hand.

There are a wide variety of poker games available in both brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. Poker variants are determined not only by the specific rules governing them but also by limits or betting limits. That’s why you will often stumble upon spread limit, fixed limit, pot limit, and no limit games. Such game varieties are common in draw and stud pokers.

Limits, Defined

Limits or betting limits are simply the predetermined amounts that a player may open or raise. They are within a minimum betting amount and a maximum betting amount. In limit games, a betting unit is also predetermined to simplify the betting round. It is also not unusual for a limit game to have a bring-in forced bet, which can be lower than the minimum bet or equal to the normal bet.

Spread Limit

Spread limit games are normally observed in home games. It is where players are allowed to bet any amount within a particular range. Spread limit home games usually require a small range, between a dollar to five. In this case, poker players can bet the minimum $1 to the maximum $5. The other important rule to note about spread limit games is that when someone raises, you can only raise an amount equivalent to that or higher. If a player raises $3, you must raise $3 or more.


Fixed Limit

Fixed limit poker games are common in casinos – both land-based and online. The betting rules in such games are pretty simple. If you are playing a $5-$10 fixed limit poker game, you are required to bet the minimum $5 for the first few betting rounds and you can only bet the maximum $10 for the last few betting rounds.

Pot Limit

Of all the limit games, those with pot limit betting structure are the most complicated. In this case, the maximum amount of bet that players can put in as they call or raise should be equivalent to the amount that is in the pot right at that very moment the bet is being made. This game can be pretty expensive and hard on a player’s bankroll as every time a bet is made, the pot is naturally being doubled.

No Limit

No limit games are popular for Texas Hold’em players. It is as simple as it sounds like. In no limit poker games, players can bet as much chips as he wants. The catch is this: you can bet as much chips that you already have on the table.

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