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  CRB Dictionary - Pachinko:

Pachinko is a game that is a cross between a video slot and pinball. It is popularized in Japan during the Second World War but it easily gained steam among American players when it reached the western shore.

Pachinko actually refers to the machine, which resembles a vertical pinball machine. The only difference is that pachinko machines do not have flippers unlike in pinball machines.

Pachinko is also highly popular among casino players. There are in fact, pachinko parlors that you will find frequented by excited players. Previously, pachinko machines are manually operated with levers that are used to shoot the balls. Today, as the game has evolved, pachinko machines were also modernized with more electronics, making it similar to video slots.

How to Play

Pachinko can be played in casinos both land-based and online. In a land-based casino, you will often find a pachinko parlor to play the game.

Today, there are many types of pachinko machines to play with as well as pachinko regulations that govern them but they mostly go by similar basic rules.


To play a game of pachinko, you need to buy balls by inserting credits to the machine. To win at this game, you need to shoot the balls you paid for electronically and win more balls or the jackpot in the process. If your ball ends up to the to the center gate, the slot machine is then activated. To hit the slot jackpot, you need to hit three similar numbers or balls in a row.

The payout mode, as with any slot machine, is different with every pachinko machine. Choosing a pachinko machine also defines your choice of animation, color schemes, lights, music, and modes among others. Since this game is high on the entertainment level, you must choose a machine that your eyes can feast on. It adds excitement to the game when your eyes like what they are seeing.

If it is not clear enough, the goal of playing a pachinko machine is shooting the balls you paid for right in order to get more balls, which you can either play with or exchange for money or prizes. It is also a goal for any player to activate the slot reel to be entitled to more prizes.

The game structure is very simple. Playing the game is easy. You will wonder, then, why it is stealing a good stock of the casino population. Well, the answer is because it can be highly addictive due to its entertainment value. The display on the pachinko machine is eye pleasing; the sounds are engaging; the winning opportunities are appealing.

Playing pachinko, however, is not something that you take seriously. There is very little opportunity to earn impressive amounts with this game. Pachinko is just meant to be enjoyed. The house edge is high and your odds at winning are quite low. Where there is very little opportunity to cash in a good amount of winning, there is nothing you can do but have fun while you are in the game.

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