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  CRB Dictionary - Pay Table:

If you are playing Slots or Video Poker, there is one thing you should look out first before spinning, the pay table. The pay table is a list of payouts that you could get for hitting a specific set of reels or a specific poker hand. It is simply a chart that registers the amount to be won equivalent to the bet made.

The pay table shows a list of reel combinations. All of the symbols that you can find on the reels will be seen on the pay table. Next to a set of symbols, you will find a corresponding payout for getting a particular number of symbols in an enabled payline. For a five-reel Slots, the maximum payout is definitely getting five identical symbols with the highest payout on an enabled payline.

With Video Poker, the pay table lists the amount you could win for a specific hand in case you bet a specific bet.

Selecting by the Pay Table

Many Slots and Video Poker players make the mistake of checking on choosing the machine by the reel. If you are serious about winning, you must choose a Slot or Video Poker machine by the pay table, by the options that you get for betting. To bet or not to bet depends on the amount you can actually earn for doing so. The pay table should matter in your decision making process because it can make or break your game.

Pay Table

The Big Difference

Slots and Video Poker machines are mostly the same. They may differ on the figures on the reels but the game goes the same way each time, with each and every machine. Do you know what’s the big difference? Yes, you guessed right, the pay table.

Slots machines and Video Poker machines are both distinguished by the pay table. Some machines pay more or less for a spin. The major difference in the various machines available is the nature of the payouts on offer.

The pay table decides the player’s risk-taking tendencies. If you are smart enough, you will not dare to bet a huge amount if you think you have got a very small chance of winning a good jackpot. To win in games like Slots and Video Poker, therefore, is to learn how to read a pay table the right way.

Online or Landbased

The pay table is present whether you are playing online or landbased. Both virtual and traditional games have corresponding pay table with each game or each machine.

If you are playing online, the way to check the pay table is to look at the top part of the screen. This usually houses the list of payouts. If it is not there, look at the bottom. Pay tables are usually displayed prominently. If you cannot find the pay table anywhere on your screen, click the Help button.

In landbased casinos, the pay table can be found prominently displayed on the machine itself. Just look around the machine screen and for sure you will find the pay table there.

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