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The heart of the most popular table game in the world is the playing card; the game being the card games like poker and blackjack. The playing card is an integral element of not just a casino but also of many social gatherings where card games form part of entertainment.

What is a Playing Card?

A playing card is simply a special paper embedded with designs of the characters and ranks that are found in a deck. At times, a playing card can be made of a thin plastic or a thin card. Typically, a playing card has a standard size, which fits conveniently onto the palm of the hand.

The back part or the outer portion of the playing card can be of any design or element. The face, however, carries the standard markings of different card ranks that are in four different suits.

The standard deck of card consists of 52 cards, 13 cards for each suit. Card suits are diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades. The card ranks are from 2 to Ace or sometimes from Ace to King. The Ace is a tricky card. It can be considered either a high value or low value card, depending on the card game and the rules involved. The first 9 cards are numerical cards, from 2-10. The other four – Jack, Queen, King, and Ace -- are face cards.

Playing Card

The History

The earliest playing card is said to be found rooted in ancient China from as early as the 9th century, during the Tang dynasty. This theory is also associated with the studies that showed it was the Chinese who invented paper and the money made of paper. Hence, they must also be the ones who get to develop the playing card first.

It was during the 14th century when playing cards start to spread throughout Europe. A playing card is often mentioned alongside gambling and casino and the like. That is pretty understandable as the playing card undoubtedly played an important role in gambling history.

Playing Cards

Playing Card Uses

It must be noted that the use of playing cards is not limited within a gambling establishment. They are also used in many ways. They are used to perform magic tricks; they are also used in cartomancy and encryption. Playing cards also figure in some board games and in building a house of cards.

In the same way, a playing card is not only popularly used in casino games. It is also used in other games that do not usually involve gambling or wagering a sum of money. There’s solitaire, matching card game, trick-taking game, accumulating game, shedding game, fishing game, comparing game, drinking card game, and collectible card game. All those games require the use of playing cards but are not necessarily played inside the casino. They also do not necessarily require players to bet, wager, or gamble.

Undeniably, the use of playing cards inside gambling establishments or casinos proves to be popular. What with poker, which uses playing cards, being one of the most prominent games in the world.

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