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There is no denying that poker is the most prestigious casino game. There are even world tournaments held for this game.

Poker is not about a single game. It is about a family of card games whose main goal is to form the winningest hand based on the cards dealt to him. Different poker games go by different set of rules. But one thing is sure: poker requires skill. Poker requires lots of skill and some luck.

Poker History

It is still unclear where poker actually originated. There have been hints but they were subjects of disagreements up to this day.

One of the earliest games that have poker characteristics is a German game Pochspiel. Poker is also comparable to As Nas, a Persian game that was found during the 1890s.


Modern school of thoughts concluded that poker could come from just about any game. There are many ancient games that are similar to poker and it would be difficult to point out which one is the original.

It cannot be denied, however, that poker’s popularity went full blast when the World Series of Poker tournament was established in 1970. From then on, several developments lead put the game in the level that it is currently in. The popularity of the game went full circle. Strategy books were published, movies about poker were produced, and several other mediums got into the equation.

Poker Online

How to Play

The game of poker is both simple and complicated. It is simple in a sense that the basic rules apply; it can be complicated because players can make certain moves to change the breaks of the game and hopefully let the air of luck blow to their direction.

Basically, a game is started with a player dealing cards. After that, all the opponents take their turns. The order of the dealer also determines the order of betting. In some cases, players are forced to make bets. After that, the dealer shuffles the cards then the player on his right cuts. The dealer would then distribute or deal the cards starting to the player on his left. Cards may either be dealt face up or face down. It depends on the poker variations. From those dealt cards, players build up their hands. Alongside that, rounds of betting and card dealing occur. Bets are gathered in a central pot, which goes to the bettor who wins.

Through the process, players get thrown out of the game. At the end of the last round of betting, either a player or two remains in the game. In the case of the latter, a showdown is held to determine the winner and the sole owner of the contents of the pot. In a showdown, players reveal their cards, including those that they have hidden. The winner is the player who owns the best hand at the end of the showdown.

As mentioned earlier and in many other poker articles, different poker variants go by different set of rules. It is important for any player, therefore, to be familiar with the rules of the game (whether it’s Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Seven Stud, or whatever) before taking the plunge and play it.

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