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  CRB Dictionary - Poker Dice:

There is no denying that Poker is the most prestigious casino game. It is one of the most popular table games introduced to mankind. One solid proof of that are the many variations that were produced off the regular game.

Poker Dice is an offspring of poker. It is a variation that is so alike and so different from the original game.

The Similarities

Poker Dice is played with the same goal as poker in mind. Players need to get to the best hand to win the game. They do that by throwing as set of five dice that are characterized not by dots but by playing card representations.

With the limitations in the playing card representations, not all hands can be formed through a dice. Then again, the rule of the game dictates the highest-ranking hand as well as the inferior or the lowest-ranking or losing hands.

Poker Dice also allows bluffing. This means that as with any poker game, you can devise a strategy plan before plunging into the game. In a way, Poker Dice is a game of skill as much as the regular poker is.

Poker Dice

Poker Dice is also played similar to draw poker in a sense that players are given a chance to hold on to a card and deal the others again and hope that a better hand results from it.

The Differences

As mentioned earlier, the playing card representations are limited. Only the high-ranking cards from 9 to Ace are included in the game. Cards valued at 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace consist the game of Poker Dice. In that case, some poker hands may not be possible.

Also, the dealing part is replaced by the throwing of the dice.

The last and probably the most important difference between regular poker and Poker Dice is the payout. The pay table in Poker Dice reveals a different set of rewards or credits to be won for every bet placed.

Poker Dices

How to Play

Poker Dice is purely a dice game. But the principle of poker simply spices it up. The only materials used in this game are a set of five dice, which consists the top six ranking cards and a table where the scores are written.

At the start, players will be given a turn each to roll the dice. The player who luckily gets the best combination after a throw earns a corresponding score. Those scores pile up with each round of dice throws. At the end of the game, when all thirteen moves were exhausted, the player who was able to earn the most points wins the game.

As with poker, the scores in Poker Dice are determined according to poker hands. Each poker hand that has the probability of coming up is given a corresponding score.

The basic rules of Poker Dice may seem as if the game is purely based on luck. But it’s not and that is because of special rules. For one, a player can select a dice that he is not satisfied with the outcome and throw it again at least twice in every turn. Secondly, a player cannot turn down throwing a dice when it is his turn.

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