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  CRB Dictionary - Poker Tournament:

Poker is definitely the most prominent card game inside and outside casinos. A poker tournament is a serious proof of that.

A poker tournament is a gathering of all the best players garnering not just for the pot at stake but also for the recognition of being the greatest poker player in the world. Big poker tournaments may involve thousands and thousands of players from all walks of life and from different parts of the world. In the end, only one of those players can take the crown or the title and the cash pot that comes with it. Not all poker tournaments are biggie tournaments. Casinos, both online and landbased, sometimes hold poker tournaments to spice up the game further. It may be participated by two players or like the world-renowned poker tournament World Series of Poker or WSOP, it may be joined in by thousands of skilled poker pros and even newbies.

How to Enter

Earning an entry to a poker tournament is different with every organizer. Typically, your way towards a poker tournament is through a buy-in. You will be given the opportunity to win if you buy your way through it. This means putting a specific amount. With that entry fee, you will be given poker chips to play with. You will use those poker chips to get you through each round of bet, each round of building a hand.

Poker Tournament

Some tournaments are invitational. In this case, players enter through a specific way or a specific connection to the organizers.

Some players may also enter a poker tournament through online casinos. Even tournaments as big as the WSOP entertain newbie players who earned a spot through an online casino.

How to Play

In a poker tournament, there are certain rules that apply. As with any game, it is important that you familiarize yourself on the rules before you take the plunge. It would be difficult to win in a game where your goal does not match the requirement of the game itself.

Poker Tournament Online

In most poker tournaments, the freezeout or knockout format is used. There are usually multiple tables and the winners of those tables gather in a dynamic pool. Those who meet at the final table are the best players of the tournament and they are the ones who have the chance to win the jackpot.

The Prize

As with a regular poker game, the prize in a poker tournament usually comes from a pot. The pot in this case is gathered from the buy-ins paid by players to get into the game. Therefore, prizes at stake may differ from tournament to tournament.

In some cases, however, the prize at stake may be fixed. A specific amount goes to the first placer, and so on and so forth. A bigger opportunity to earn bigger amounts is possible with proportional prizes. In this case, the player who gets to beat all the players in the tournament earns a percentage of the buy-ins gathered. Big tournaments naturally provide an amazing chance of winning big.

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