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In the gambling world, the word “pot” refers neither to crockery nor to recreational drugs. Rather, it refers to a pool of money or tokens made up of the wagers—or parts of the wagers—of the participants. Pots show up in different types of gambling games, which use the concept in a variety of ways. Some examples are discussed below.

The Pot in Poker

Pots are a major feature of multi-player poker variations like Texas Hold ‘Em. Players must wager money on the prospect of having the best poker hand out of all the participants. This money is collected in the middle of the table. Each round of the game involves the player having to make a choice: fold and back out of the game, or keep adding more money to the pot.

For many players, the pot—not just the cards—forms a major consideration in strategy. A good player knows how to manipulate the amount of money in the pot so that it will be very high at times when he or she has a good chance at winning.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots have been added to many casino games in order to make them more exciting, and encourage customers to keep playing longer. It usually forms an aspect of games where a single player interacts with a dealer or a machine. Basically, what this means is that a part of your wagers goes into making a large pot. The Progressive Jackpot is so called because the amount of money gets progressively larger the more players participate, and the longer they play. The jackpot amount can be very large, and very unpredictable. Once the jackpot is won by a player, the pot starts to refill again from the contributions of subsequent players.


In some games, participating in the progressive jackpot is compulsory. Part of your money goes into it, whether you like it or not. In others, you can choose whether or not to make an additional side bet to put you in line for the progressive jackpot. Some players choose not to, because they are trying to save money, or because they think that the jackpot might distract them from their overall gaming strategy.

Progressive Jackpots have been used in slot machines. In some cases, the machines are standalone, meaning that the pool consists “only” of parts of the bets put into a particular machine. In other casinos, the machines are connected in a network, which makes for one large pool. Getting a special picture combination (specified by the casino) wins you the jackpot, instead of a regular prize.

Progressive jackpots are also often used in card games such as blackjack. If you are dealt a (highly unlikely) sequence of cards, you win the progressive jackpot. For card games, participation in the jackpot is usually optional.

One can think of progressive jackpots as the real-life basis of the stereotypical life-changing casino prize. With an opportunity like that being dangled in front of you, it is no wonder why some players end up sticking with a game like Slots for hours.

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