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  CRB Dictionary - Pot Limit:

There are many different poker games available online and at different brick-and-mortar casinos. The variety is often distinguished by the specific game rules that govern them, especially in terms of betting limits. If you are a newbie poker player, you might stumble upon Spread Limit, Fixed Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit attached to a poker game variant and you wonder what they are all about.

Well, betting limits separate a game from the other. The different character of every poker variety is usually from the different set of rules required in specific situations as demanded by the betting structure at play.

Pot limit is one interesting betting structure that makes a game of poker colorful as it is challenging.

What is Pot Limit?

Pot limit is a betting structure where players’ maximum bet requirement is determined by the current pot amount. Pot limit poker has very similar rules with no limit poker. They still, however, differ in some ways.

Both pot limit and no limit poker tournament games almost always have time requirements regarding how long you will take the action. If you exceed that time requirement, amid a ten-second warning, your hand will be considered dead.

Pot limit and no limit games are also very risky games that could put your bankroll up for a spin if you will not be careful. Although critics say that pot limit is less dangerous, it also has that possibility of putting you all-in, especially if the pot is as huge as your stack of chips.

So how pot limit game goes? Well, in pot limit games, the minimum bet is equivalent to the big blind forced bet while the maximum is equivalent to the current pot amount. In this case, the pot doubles in size with every betting round.

Some Pointers

One important thing that you need to note when playing pot limit poker games is that, you are limited to what the pot contains. It is a more complicated betting structure than spread limit, which is the simplest, and also fixed limit, which is common in casino poker. It takes time to master the betting procedure and we dare say you should not indulge in such a game unless you are confident enough that you can manage what is at stake.

In the end, what is important is you learn to choose your games. If you want to go for a pot limit game of poker, make sure that you are ready for it. Meaning, you know more or less how the game goes and what betting strategy must be effective to keep you in the game as long as your bankroll would permit. A good tutorial courtesy of the available articles about the game would help, including some free plays that would make you learn the ropes of the game without cost.

If you think that the stakes at pot limit games are too high for you and you are not as brave, you may settle for other games that are more suitable. Master a game you think you can manage before moving up the ladder and trying out bigger risks as in a pot limit game.

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