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  CRB Dictionary - Progressive Jackpot:

An important factor for any casino player to pay attention to is the jackpot. There is practically no player in the world who comes to the casino and says, “I am not really here for the jackpot.”

The jackpot or the prize pot is the elusive reward for highly skilled and lucky players who ends up winning a game. It is sought after by every casino player, especially if it is a progressive jackpot you are talking about!

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpots are impressive stakes. They are unbelievably high payoff that you can earn from either playing a slot machine or video poker machine. Other casino games are also attached with progressive jackpots yet they are more common with slots and video pokers.

So what is a progressive jackpot all about? Well, as the name suggests, it is a jackpot prize that has the ability to grow by the minute, every time a player from the huge network puts in an amount of bet. The networking occurs when the machines from different casinos are linked together.

A machine with a progressive jackpot has a prize that continuously moves up in money value, unless a particular player somewhere wins it.

Progressive Jackpot

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot?

There is really no secret to winning progressive jackpots. You just go ahead with your game, as you normally should. The only requirement is that you bet the maximum amount of coins. That and of course, hitting the winningest combination as stated at the pay table.

Some players have the courage of getting near a progressive machine and playing in it but not enough courage to put in the full coins. That is a waste of time. We daresay do not go near a progressive machine if you are not brave enough to wager a big amount in order to secure a chance at the ballooning jackpot.

Game strategies? You will hardly find need for them when you are playing for a progressive jackpot. As stated earlier, progressive jackpots are common in such games as slots and video poker. Both games are purely based on chance. There is no amount of skill level that could determine if you are fit enough to win the progressive prize. What you really need to arm yourself with as you go near a progressive machine is a strong heart. You must be brave enough to lose as much to enjoy the chance of winning really big amounts.

Ultimately, it is a choice whether to play a progressive game or settle with a regular game. The odds on both types of games are hardly different from each other. You get the same odds; you get the same challenge. The only difference between progressive games and regular games is in the amount of bets you are required to put in and the amount of winnings you may pocket in the end. With a progressive game, you will need to put in more so you can win the impressive pot. With a regular game, you bet the stated minimum or maximum and get an equivalent amount of winnings for it.

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