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  CRB Dictionary - Roulette Table:

A Roulette Table is a rather special piece of equipment. It is more than a simple table on which to mount the Roulette Wheel.

The Roulette Table also contains the layout, which is basically a diagram picked out on the cloth covering the table, with different squares and rectangles specifying different wagers. You place your chips on the square or rectangle specifying the type of bet you would like to make. The areas on the layout may be red, black, or green. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the layout so you know the options available to you, and that you understand what is entailed by each wager, so that you can lay your chips down wisely.

The layout and the wagers have a very close relationship. In fact, some wagers are named for their position on the layout. For example, corner or square bets are so called because the squares on the layout representing those wheel pockets happen to be adjacent to each other, but in a square shape. You can also make a column bet, which covers any of the pockets represented by squares along one of the three long columns on the layout. This covers twelve pockets. As your odds for winning are fairly high, do not expect a high payout if you do guess correctly.

Roulette Table

Also, remember to use the layout area itself as part of betting etiquette. What exactly does this mean? Well, inexperienced roulette players might try to place their bets by handing the chips to the dealer. This is against the usual practice of roulette. No, it is not considered cheating. However, it looks odd and perhaps rather vulgar to more experienced players. It is considered far better form to place your chips on the layout area.

The most common type of arrangement is known as the American style. In this format, the wheel is mounted on one end of the table. The French style is much rarer. In fact, you are unlikely to see it unless you are a frequent visitor to Monte Carlo. This type of table has the wheel in the middle, and two layout areas on the ends.

If you absolutely must have a French style table, you might be better served looking for one online, unless you have the time and money to go to Monte Carlo whenever you want. You should not have a hard time determining what type of roulette wheel a casino uses. Many of them provide screenshots of their games, so you can take a look at what the user interface looks like. If screenshots are not provided, you might try emailing the site owner to make inquiries.

Roulette Tables

Many casinos expect you to take care with their roulette tables. Firstly, you are strongly discouraged from placing your chips by throwing or tossing them. You might displace the arrangement of other players’ chips, or the chips might even roll into the chipping machine and cause a glitch. Also, be careful to keep any drinks well away from the table. You might be fined if you spill something on the table, especially if it causes a stain.

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