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To be good at any casino game, you must learn to enrich your vocabulary. Learning the terms that are used within the gambling arena is the first best step towards learning what the games are all about.

It is quite obvious that poker is one of the most, if not the most, popular casino game. A lot of people are getting into it and are getting hooked. If you are one of those poker enthusiasts, you must have heard about the term “shuffling”. We are going to delve into that word -- what it means, how it goes, and what is its significance in a game of poker – in this article.

Card Shuffling

Shuffling in casino world normally pertains to card shuffling or the art of rearranging playing cards randomly so the order is unknown. This is important to the luck part of the game of poker as it allows the Dealer to deal random set of cards to the players at the table, giving them equal chances at the luck of possessing a good ranking hand.

In most poker games, the players themselves take turns to act as the Dealer. In this case, a lot of players try to learn and master the art of shuffling so they end up with the high cards that make the highest possible hand. But there is really no way at mastering what they call as the perfect shuffle. It will take too much effort to try to learn that with no definite outcome because you cannot possibly erase the luck part in the equation.


The best way then is to go honest with your shuffling. Whenever it is your turn. In card shuffling, you need to make sure that the cards are mixed well. This way, you are giving equal chances to everyone on the poker table, including yourself, to land with a set of cards that you will play along.

They say there is a Mathematical way of shuffling cards. But honest poker players need not learn that.

Shuffling Poker Chips

In another way, shuffling also refers to poker chip. This is the most popular chip trick that casino goers love watching. To learn the art of chip shuffling, it will take a lot of effort practicing and mastering the moves.

To learn this chip trick, you must start with baby steps by learning to shuffle a stack of six. As you move up your mastery level, you can move on managing more chips. Basically, this skill is leaned by poker players to make a good impression. Being able to shuffle poker chips gives a player the image of being a goof poker player as well. When you play with your poker chips by showing off the shuffling trick, you give your opponents the notion that you are no easy player to battle with. In that sense, learning to shuffle poker chips is learnt for added boost of one’s poker image. But it’s not only that, shuffling poker chips also has that entertainment value that helps players go easy on the game and not too serious.

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