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  CRB Dictionary - Stud Poker:

Stud Poker is another notable poker game variant. Like other poker games such as Hold’em, Omaha, and Draw, it is further classified into many different games with different game rules and betting structures. They are, however, still similar in the basic sense. To state it simply, there are basic rules that define all stud poker games.

The Rules of Stud Poker

In stud poker, cards are dealt face up and face down, during multiple betting rounds. Typically in stud poker, players also take turns in betting first. The player who bets first is usually the one who holds the strongest cards that are promising to make the best hand in the particular game.

As mentioned earlier, some cards are dealt face up while the others face down. The cards dealt face down are called hole cards. Hole cards are intended to give each player an extra bullet to fire up as he contests for the prize pot.

Stud Poker

Like other poker games, stud poker variants use different betting structures. In games where there are only few betting rounds, no limit and pot limit plays are common. In games where five or more betting rounds are involved, fixed limit and spread limit plays are observed.

Stud poker is played as early as during the American Revolutionary War. The popular variant during that time is the 3-Card Stud. During the American Civil War, the Five-Card Stud made its popular entry to the world of card games. It is a known favorite game among soldiers. No stud variety, however, can contest the popularity of Seven-Card Stud, especially in casinos. Up until today, Seven-Card Stud reigns supreme as the all-time favorite stud poker game.

Seven-Card Stud

As the most popular stud poker variety, the Seven-Card Stud is commonly played in home games, in land-based casino, and in online poker rooms. Although lately, it has been toppled over by the popularity of Texas Hold’em among poker players, it remains to be on the top list of the favorite poker games worldwide. The challenge of Seven-Card Stud continues to lure poker players of all ages and all races who are looking for some variety.

Online Stud Poker

Seven-Card Stud is usually a game intended for four to eight players. The standard deck of 52 cards is used to play this game. As opposed to Texas Hold’em, which uses blinds as forced bets, Seven-Card Stud uses ante. The ante is a forced bet, which is required for all players in the game to put in before the dealing begins. The amount or price of the forced bet varies depending on the limit at play. Typically, it is about five to ten percent of the maximum bet amount.

After the antes are put into the pot, each player is dealt with three cards, the first two face down and the third face up. The player who gets a lowest-ranking face up card is required to make a bring-in forced bet.

If two players get similar low ranking cards at face value, the tie is broken by the strength of the suits. Clubs are the strongest, the diamonds next, the hearts third, and the spades are the weakest.

After the bring-in bet is made, the first betting round officially begins where players have the option to call, raise, or fold. Some more exciting action occurs until the players reach the final round where the players are dealt with their last face down card. That’s when the showdown is held and the player with the strongest winning hand who is brave enough to bet or raise takes home the prize pool.

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