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Poker and Slots are two of the more popular casino games. One is enjoyed for the challenge and the other is enjoyed for just the fun of it. As much as poker requires serious skill, Slots is freewheeling. What will you get when the two topnotch games are combined? Video Poker, that’s what.

Video Poker is a cross between poker and Slots. It employs both the challenge of poker and the luck-based principle of Slots. To put it simply, Video Poker is all about playing poker hands in a slot machine like device.

In recent years, Video Poker has garnered a crowd of fanatics on its own. If played the right way, Video Poker can lower the house edge, which means bigger chances for the player to win.

Video Poker started wowing the casino audience in the 1970s. It didn’t spark much interest then but it did slowly as years went by. Video Poker machines were previously known as poker slots. That’s because the two popular casino games seemed to be married to produce Video Poker. When the game started gaining steam, it also started to be known by its own name.

Video Poker

Slot Machines, Not

Yes, Video Poker machines are similar to slot machine. But there are differences still.

As to the likeness, both machines used for Video Poker and Slots are regulated by RNG or random number generator. That means no factor whatsoever may influence the outcome of every spin. Cards are shuffled and dealt randomly. They appear as random as reels do in a pull of the Slots lever.

On the contrary, skill may play a role in a Video Poker game. Unlike in Slots, a player’s skill in building a hand gives him a chance of winning his bet or winning a pot. Certain strategies may also be used when playing Video Poker. Those strategies may be learned as players get to understand the game better.

Video Pokers

How to Play

Video Poker is all about draw poker. In this case, you get a slot machine like device where a Deal, Hold, and Draw buttons play significant roles.

After feeding the machine with coins required to make the bet, you will need to press the Deal button. Doing so will deal you with five random cards. You have a choice to keep or exchange one or all of your cards for another random set, depending on your strategy. For this, you will need the Hold button. You press the Hold button below the card you wish to keep. If you do so, that card will remain in your possession while the others are being replaced with a random card that will be dealt by pressing the Deal button yet again. After that, you hit the Draw button.

The machine will evaluate your hand. You will be awarded with credits according to the pay table if you are able to build a winning hand. Otherwise you lose your bet. As with Slots, make sure to read and understand the pay table before starting on a game of Video Poker. It is one of the more important first steps you need to take if you want to be successful in this game.

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