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  CRB Dictionary - Video Slot Machine:

A video slot machine is an updated version of the all-time favorite slot machine. The slot machine of previous years is manually operated consisting of a lever. Today, slots are even made more fashionable by the introduction of electronic machines where all that you need to do is push the buttons; definitely no need for lever pulling.

A video slot machine is first introduced to the casino floor in 1975. It was the year that marks Walt Fraley’s introduction of the first video screen game called Fortune Coin. During that time, however, casino goers are not yet ready for innovation. They hardly go near the innovative machine and preferred to go the classic way. It took about five years for people to get used to technology and welcome the change. At the same time, video poker is also strengthening its popularity.

How they Work

Video Slot Machine

Although modernized, a video slot machine works the same way a slot machine does. It is run by a computer software that is powered by RNG or Random Number Generator. This means that the game stays purely luck-based. There is nothing in the power of the casino or the player to manipulate the outcome of each spin. Also, every spin is as different as the other. Nothing controls or can possibly affect the outcome of your spinning reels.

How to Play

Playing with a video slot machine is similar to playing in a regular slot machine. You put in the required amount of credits, you choose your credits per line and your lines per spin, you push the button so the reels start spinning, and you await the outcome of your spin.

The betting limits, the winning combinations, and the amount of credits you can win for a specific combination is established at the pay table. Before you push the spin button, it is advisable that you read and understand the pay table first and foremost. This way you will be able to assess what you must get out of a spin to win some credits. After a spin is decided, you can start spinning the reels again. If you are ready to withdraw from the game, you just need to press collect to take out whatever is left of your cash.

Online Video Slot Machine

Video slot machines differ with every game it features. However, operating the game apparatus is quite the same. Making your choice of a video slot machine depends on the payout structure and the visual appeal of the game.

Tips on Winning

Playing in a video slot machine is luck-based. There is no way you can manipulate the outcome of the game. If there are winning secrets in playing on such a game apparatus, it basically pertains to how you manage your bankroll and how you choose your video slot machine according to the pay table.

Tip #1: Manage your money well. In a game where luck is at play, there is nothing more you can do other than marginalizing your losses and increase your winning chances.

Tip #2: Choose a video slot machine with the most impressive pay table. It also would not hurt if you choose one which you think delivers a higher entertainment value than the others.

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