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Casino Fantasy is a general gambling site whose design lives up to its name: the visuals feature lots of vines, butterflies, unicorns, and pretty girls with fairy wings. Some people might find this design scheme jarring, or even too “geeky” or “girly,” but it is a refreshing change from the usual online casino looks. Unfortunately, the layout of the introductory page is a little confusing, especially if you are used to other casino page layouts, where the tabs and links are discernible right away. Click on the “Learn More” link near the center of the page to get taken to the information. Players under 18 are not allowed in Casino Fantasy.

Promotions and bonuses

Bonuses can be divided into two major types: immediate ones that get added to your account right away, or lump sum ones, which usually have to be earned over a long time, and are only given after you have done everything necessary to earn them (no partial bonuses for partially-accomplished requirements). However, only some of the games have bonuses, so do check Casino Fantasy’s Bonus Terms page to learn more about how bonuses work, and how you can get them.

Casino's Games

This website boasts over 300 games. However, if your tastes happen to be very specialized, the fact that there are hundreds of games on offer might not mean much to you, since only a small proportion of them will be games that you like. Still, this is a good starting point for beginner gamblers who do not know yet what they like, and are looking to try different things. It is also quite compatible with the preferences of those who like to play many different kinds of games in one session.

That said, this site places a lot of emphasis on card and table games. There are also video poker games, plus video and non-video slot machine games. If you are unfamiliar with the rules for a game, but would like to try it, you can look up the rules on the website’s Games page.

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Safety and security

Information you send to the site is supposedly protected by firewalls and encryption. It is also accessible to only a few of the site staff, to lower the likelihood that your information will be accidentally or deliberately slipped to an unscrupulous party. As far as your personal data goes, the site promises not to show it to others, and allows you to see the personal data it collects about you.


At Fantasy Casino, customer support is effective, if a little remote. If you have a question, you might want to start your quest at the FAQ page. If that does not work, give the online question form a try. It might seem a little intimidating and bothersome, but it can be as effective as a call, and far cheaper, as well.


This site can be viewed in any of the following languages: French, Japanese, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Chinese, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Greek.

US Players

Sadly, US players are not welcome in this fairy land.
Review published on: 29 January 2010

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