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Luck3 is a general gambling site with downloadable software. Its design is functional and professional-looking, but a bit gloomy due to the predominance of dark gray. The site adheres to the ideals of Responsible Gaming.

Promotions and bonuses

There are lots of rather interesting and even charming bonuses available to Luck3 players. You can get small bonuses for referring your friends to the site, and even a bonus on your birthday. There are special promos concerning St. Patrick’s Day, or additional money in your account if you make your payments using certain preferred methods. You even have the chance to construct your own bonus, if you would like to be more involved in promotions.

Casino's Games

This site has an excellent lineup of games, especially from the point of view of people who like their classic games. It is a sad fact that many other casinos stock up on video poker and slots variations, while having only a few card and table games. Of course, video poker and slots games are a great deal of fun, but the games in a certain category are fundamentally very similar, and may run together in a player’s mind after a while. Therefore, it helps to have more card and table games, as this site does, to add more variation on a fundamental level.

Safety and security

Your data is protected using encryption and firewalls. However, the site staff recommends that you take note of the IP address of the computer you are using so as to detect threats or fraud more easily. The privacy policy is clear and detailed, and tells you honestly that other sites (sponsors, partners, etc.) may have access to some of your information. You are advised to check the privacy policy for any further changes, which may happen without warning.

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If you encounter any problems, the site’s text rightly suggests that you start looking at the information pages first: the FAQ and Getting Started pages. Actually, you should probably take the time to read these pages, regardless of whether or not you have a pressing problem. Familiarizing yourself with this information is likely to prevent you from making common errors or misunderstanding site policies.

Of course, there may be times when you really will need to contact customer service staff. You can send your query through one of several email addresses. Choose the one that best suits your current problem. You can also try to chat with the staff live. Fortunately, live support is available 24/7, so you will not need to worry about compromising your own busy schedule just to get a hold of some help.

As a site that supports Responsible Gaming, Luck3 offers help to people who are or might be problem gamblers. The Responsible Gaming page offers helpful advice and links. However, if you need more aggressive intervention, you can ask the site staff to restrict your account to help you control problematic behavior.


The site is in English and Russian.

US Players

Players based in the USA are in luck. They will be accepted here.
Review published on: 27 April 2010

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