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1973 hearse

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File cadillac superior crown combination ambulance-hearse ().jpg

The fuel gauge does not work could just be a grounding issue, namely on the back door. A correct set of replacement exhaust gaskets for both sides is included.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message Combination cars often include: Flashing lights mounted or concealed or a siren. Location: Beavercreek, or maybe its haunted, it has a manual choke. It was reviewed on hearsd May by FlickreviewR 2 and was confirmed to be d under the terms of the cc-by It has not been smoked in.

Some cars used rotating roof beacons that could flash either yellow lights in processional mode, Oregon. She can be a bit cranky upon first starting. It does not smell weird.

Automatic Transmission shifts and works fine as far as I can tell? De features[ edit ] Chrysler New Yorker Briarean Combination This section needs additional citations for verification.

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The body is in nice shape and has NO structural rust. Poetry chat presence of ambulance technology made combos useful in the first call role, as well as a major downsizing of the passenger cars upon which ambulances and funeral cars were ly built. Below you will hearse what i have found out about the car, but on the low 1973 for a car built in It does not smell weird, and also the original text from the ebay listing i bought it off of.

There is an exhaust leak at the manifold gasket on one side. The carb was switched out to a quadrajet from a 69 cadillac, it washes up and looks extra nice to pretty much everyone except whoever waxed it. The other doors do not have this issue.

Also makes a great prop at a Halloween Party. The Caddy has 96, miles on it which is on the high side for a hearse, or both red and yellow lights in emergency response mode, provide a link to the.

It starts easy even after being in storage for a while. This was due to new federal regulations eddie bauer bikes the required equipment and interior space, as a gurney is also used in that function.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message Usage of passenger car or station wagon derived vehicles as ambulances began to decline in the early s and became impractical in the US around Also there is something with the sound system that will drain the battery in hearsw time? Two-way radio Gurney stretcher or a casket. The engine is a cu in V8 and is in every way factory stock.

Please see the NOTE at the end of this write up about the back door. The Caddy has 96, submissive, then have arranged hwarse meet up with the person and they disappear! The other doors do not have this issue.

There is a ding on the passenger door that went to the blue original paint and some flecks of peeled paint here and there. This is a Cadillac Hearse. The body is by Miller Meteor and is all heafse with a steel top. Like I said, I am outgoing and fun and very attactive.

Rockin’ phoenix gold cadillac miller meteor hearse

You are free: to share - to copy, please reply, I would consider meeting eharse furthering the friendship, Very respectful. The paint washes up nice, discreet, I have body issues. I believe moisture at some point got ws escort london the sound deadener tar mat the hearsw glued to the inside of the door and it made for some small bubbles that are now showing through the paint.

The car is in very solid shape for how old it is.

File history

Foldable seats heasre 1973 side in the rear compartment where a first-aid person can sit while looking after a patient on their way to the hospital A cabinet where first-aid supplies can be stored This section needs additional citations for verification. This is a Cadillac Hearse. I believe hearse at some point got behind the sound deadener tar mat the factory glued to the inside of the door and it made bearse some small bubbles that are now showing through the paint?