BetMGM Is Giving Its Bettors Real Gaming Advisors

BetMGM has announced a partnership with GameSense. GameSense is a responsible gaming platform that BetMGM users will be able to access through BetMGM’s app. But GameSense isn’t a dull company that drones on about safe betting. It comes with real advisors that bettors can consult to help them with gaming. Advisors’ focuses are on making better gambling decisions, so GameSense fulfills its safe gaming mission. However, BetMGM’s partnership with GameSense is part of a larger move to position itself as one of the most interactive sportsbooks in the market.

What Exactly GameSense Does

GameSense’s customers are large gaming companies, like BetMGM. GameSense provides gaming advisors for its customers to direct bettors to. These gaming advisors educate bettors about everything from gaming basics to strategy. However, they also offer advice on setting time and budget limits, so bettors don’t gamble irresponsibly. It’s a collaborative approach to encourage bettors to gamble more responsibly without being talked down to. So, bettors have to ask for help to get it. But that’s true of the gambling hotlines, too. This service can help bettors improve their:

  • Understandings of sports betting.
  • Sports betting strategies.
  • Support lines if they fall into problem gambling traps.

These are important additions to one of the country’s most prolific sportsbook brands.

BetMGM’s Move Toward Greater Interaction

A while back, we predicted that BetMGM would position itself as one of the most interactive sportsbooks in the United States. We first became alert to it with BetMGM’s Topgolf partnership. It came with new simulcasting options that brought bettors closer to golf. BetMGM’s GameSense partnership doesn’t include simulcasting. But it creates another way for bettors to interact with BetMGM.

BetMGM isn’t the only sportsbook with simulcasting, but it’s among the first to offer bettors a dedicated gambling advising team. GameSense only offers their advisors on weekdays, so it’s not without limits. But it’s a unique offering in service to BetMGM’s apparent goal of becoming one of the most interactive sportsbooks.

BetMGM’s Place In The Market

Sportsbooks can only compete so much on odds and promotions. BetMGM seems to be setting itself apart by making itself the interactive sportsbook. Between Topgolf and GameSense, BetMGM brings its bettors closer to the sportsbook. Even Jamie Foxx’s partnership with BetMGM gives a face to the brand that other sportsbooks lack. Odds and bonuses may be flashy, but BetMGM is showing us what the next phase of sportsbooks’ competition will be. The battle for long-term market dominance will be fought on the branding front–not just the odds and bonus fronts.

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