Michigan Online Bingo

Online bingo is here courtesy of BetMGM Bingo Michigan, and more apps are certain to follow. Michigan online bingo is played the same way as in-person bingo, except the drawings happen every minute of the day, and the options are more customizable.

Ready to shout bingo at your mobile device? Here’s everything you need to know about Michigan online bingo – plus some alternative forms of bingo available to Michiganders.

What Is Online Bingo?

Michigan online bingo is exactly what it sounds like: a digital version of in-person bingo. You must have your bingo card(s) purchased before the start of the game. You and other players online will then fill out your card as digital Bingo balls are generated at random. If one of your cards gets a Bingo, you win the prize.

BetMGM Bingo Michigan works by utilizing random number generation (RNG) technology instead of a physical container of balls. But it’s the same level of randomness as traditional bingo, so you have the same chances of winning.

In fact, many bingo parlors in Las Vegas and elsewhere simply utilize RNG technology rather than the physical ball cage. 

How Do You Play Online Bingo?

You play Michigan online bingo by joining BetMGM Bingo Michigan (or another legally licensed online bingo site). You then select the type of bingo game you want to play, which can range from 90-ball bingo (the standard) to 30-ball bingo (more fast-paced) and several variations in between.

You can also choose to play one bingo card or several. There is no legal limit in Michigan when it comes to maximum bingo cards, so you’re only limited by BetMGM Bingo Michigan or another app.

If you win, you receive the prize, which is either a fixed prize or based on the prize pool. If it’s a prize pool structure, then the more people who play that specific bingo game, the bigger the prize. And if fewer people play, the prize is smaller, but your chances of winning are higher.

Online Bingo Rules

The rules for online bingo in Michigan are the same as what you’d find at a bingo parlor. The goal of the game is for the bingo balls to match the spaces on your card to create a winning combination.

Typically, a winning combination is covering an entire column, row, or diagonal path. However, some variations at BetMGM Bingo Michigan offer more unique combinations, such as “four corners” (covering each corner space) and “blackout” (covering every space on the card).

As numbers are drawn, the game can highlight the applicable spaces across all the cards for you. You can then tap the spaces to fill them in. Another option is to simply have the app cover the spaces automatically, and you can sit back and hope for a win.

How Does Online Bingo Compare To In-Person Bingo?

If you like bingo, you’ll probably like both the online and in-person versions. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages. 

Convenience – Winner: Online

The ability to play on your phone is far and away more convenient than traveling to an in-person bingo parlor. Simply open your phone, select the game, purchase tickets, and start playing.

Atmosphere – Winner: In-Person

Some people play bingo for the community aspect, and who doesn’t love the buzz of a bingo crowd? Plus, yelling bingo at your mobile device simply isn’t the same as jumping up and yelling it in front of a crowd.

Variety – Winner: Online

When you play bingo in-person, you’re usually limited to 90-ball bingo and around $5 per card. This is the standard across the US. And while places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City may offer a bigger variety than most, it still doesn’t compare to the many different options of BetMGM Bingo Michigan.

Prize Potential – Winner: Varies

Online bingo in Michigan often features prizes well into the thousands of dollars, but in-person bingo parlors will often feature weekly drawings much higher than that. However, you can more quickly play several rounds of bingo online, so the overall winning potential is likely higher.

Michigan Online Bingo

BetMGM Bingo Michigan

BetMGM Bingo Michigan is the first legally licensed online bingo app to enter the Wolverine State. You can enter a wide variety of contests by purchasing cards for as low as $0.01 each. Prizes range from hundreds to thousands. Download the BetMGM Bingo Michigan app to get started.

BetMGM Michigan also offers casino gaming, sports betting, and player vs. player poker, the ultimate all-in-one betting platform.

Bubble Bingo Via Michigan Lottery

The Michigan Online Lottery offers Bubble Bingo, a digital scratch card structured similarly to bingo. But instead of randomly drawing numbers, you click hidden spaces in the hopes of revealing a winning combination. 

Each Bubble Bingo card costs between $0.25 and $5. The top prize is $50,000.

Free Bingo

Free Bingo is an option at virtual bingo sites, but make sure the company is reputable before providing any personal information. The legit ones usually allow you to log in via your Facebook or Google profile. Free virtual bingo sites allow you to win cash prizes and gift cards for free.

Online Bingo In Michigan FAQ

Is online bingo legal in Michigan?

Yes, legal online Bingo came to the state with the launch of BetMGM Bingo Michigan. Other real-money Bingo apps are likely to launch in the near future as well. You can also play Bingo for free on virtual Bingo sites. Double-check that they’re reputable before joining.

What is the best place to play Michigan online bingo?

BetMGM Bingo Michigan is the only legal real-money online Bingo site available to folks in Michigan. Download the iOS or Android app to get started. Deposits can be made using PayPal and online bank transfers. Winnings can be cashed out the same way. Please practice responsible gaming

How much can I win playing online Bingo in Michigan?

Prizes for big real-money online Bingo contests in Michigan can pay out over $10,000. The more people who play at BetMGM Bingo Michigan, the bigger the prize pool. The app will likely run promotions for large prize pools as well.

How much does it cost to play online Bingo in Michigan?

$0.01 to $5 per card. BetMGM Bingo Michigan offers a wide range of card prices. You also have the option of playing free virtual Bingo. Either option is a low-cost way to enjoy a good amount of Bingo.

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