TVG Horse Betting App Michigan Review

With online sports wagering in full swing in Michigan, now’s the best time to check out the top horse racing app in the state: TVG Michigan. If you’re into horse race wagering but want to make sure you can still keep placing bets after Michigan’s local racetrack closes down, you’ve come to the right place.

This page will break down everything you need to know about TVG in Michigan. We will also explain how to register for and fund your horse race betting account.

TVG Michigan Promo Code For July 2024

TVG Michigan Promo Code 200TVG
Deposit/Match Bonus 50% deposit match bonus up to $200
What States Allow TVG Available in 30+ States
Where is TVG Available? Desktop, Android, iOS
Last Verified July 2024

How To Register For A TVG Account

Registering for a TVG account is quick and simple.

  • If you’re on an iOS device, simply type the name TVG into the App Store search bar. Download the app and installation will begin automatically
  • If you’re on an Android device, you’ll need to download the TVG app from the desktop website, as the Google Play Store doesn’t support this app at this time. The installation will still begin automatically once you download the app from the desktop’s download page.

After downloading the TVG app, simply begin the registration process by providing your Social Security number, physical address, and other personal information. You can then link one of several deposit methods to your account and fund your account for instantaneous wagering.

TVG Michigan: Bonus And Promotional Grade (5/5)

Visit: TVG Michigan And Claim 50% Deposit Match Up To $250

TVG pretty generous opening bonus to attract new players. Once you make an account and use the promo code above (which changes from time to time, so always be sure to use an up-to-date code!), you’ll have 15 days to take advantage of a 50% deposit match bonus of up to $250.

In a nutshell, deposit between $10 and $500 and you’ll receive half of that in TVG wagering credits. Even better, there aren’t any big strings attached or play-through requirements – you can use the credits however you like and immediately withdraw winnings without having to play through them multiple times.

Granted, the deposit match isn’t 100%. So, for instance, if you were to deposit $500 you would only get $250.

But this is still an excellent opening bonus through and through and a perfect way to bolster your initial wagering cash so you can put money down on top horse racing wagers quickly.

Even aside from the opening bonus, TVG provides a variety of promotions to take advantage of. These include promotions like:

  • Super 5 promotions, which are free play contests and provide you the opportunity to win $5000. When this promotion is active, TVG selects five races and you can pick the winner of each race. If you guess all five winners correctly, you’ll win $5000!
  • Cashback promotions, which can be used on select races. With these bonuses, TVG gives you a refund if your horse pick only finishes in second or third place instead of first place
  • Insurance promotions, which can give you rebates in site credit under certain conditions

All in all, TVG does a fantastic job when it comes to bonus variety and overall value for its players.

TVG Michigan: Market Depth And Variety Grade (5/5)

TVG is so well known in the horse race betting industry in large part because of the depth and variety of its betting lines. All told, TVG horse racing covers horse races from over 150 tracks worldwide, including many of America’s leading racecourses like Churchill Downs and Monmouth Park. Other international tracks with betting lines on this app include Ascot and Newmarket, both based in the UK, and Longchamp, based in France.

In total, TVG provides fantastic odds from the best horse racing venues in the industry. Hundreds of lines are available on any given day, ranging from singles wagers to parlay bets to win-in-place wagers and more. All players get instant access to odds for all types of races among all major tiers.

You can also use this app, of course, the place wagers on major races like the Kentucky Derby, the Grand National, the Dubai World Cup, the Belmont Stakes, and more. TVG offers both standard bets, like win, place, show, exacta, and other bets alongside multiway bets that involve placing wagers on multiple horses finishing in specific places.

In the end, there may be no other horseracing mobile app that provides as much market depth and variety as TVG. It’s definitely the best horse race betting resource Michigan residents can use today, particularly due to the closure of the last remaining in-person racetrack in the state.

TVG Michigan: Deposit And Cashout Grade (4.5/5)

Any good horse racing app should allow you to deposit and withdraw cash quickly and easily, and TVG is no different. Fortunately, TVG provides a variety of both deposit and withdrawal methods, including:

  • Debit or credit card transfers
  • Direct bank transfers
  • PayNearMe terminal transfers at gas stations and pharmacies
  • TVG prepaid card transfers
  • Transfers to and from electronic wallets like PayPal
  • ACH/E-check transfers through BetCash

Note, however, that the BetCash method does incur a $5 fee. Still, most withdrawals are totally free and it takes between 1 and 10 business days for the money to show up in your account. Unfortunately, this cannot be circumvented by Michigan residents at this time as the sole operating racetrack in the state is closing down soon. So you won’t be able to visit a physical racetrack and take out your cash in person.

All in all, though, TVG does a great job of providing a plethora of deposit and withdrawal methods based on your preferences.

TVG App: Mobile App Grade (5/5)

There’s a lot to say about TVG’s app overall. It’s very well-developed and has a lot of great features. As mentioned above, this operator provides betting lines for thousands of different races across over 150 tracks worldwide.

TVG’s mobile app also includes convenient and functional live streaming functionality. This is one of the best ways to watch horse races in Michigan. The live stream feature allows you to catch the action of matter where you are, which will become even more important since Michigan’s last horse racing track is about to close.

As soon as you unlock a particular stream, you’ll be able to place a bet on the wager. The only downside is that you can only view a race if you put money on it, so you can’t use TVG as your general horseracing live stream portal.

Still, these streams are available for both mobile and desktop platforms. Even better, TVG provides live stream replay functionality so you can see intense moments of the action over and over as much as you like.

Furthermore, TVG’s mobile app provides a variety of vital stats. Click on any of the events provided by the app and you’ll see a primary race card. This gives you the odds for each horse alongside other key statistics, such as the horse jockey, its speed, its weight, and more.

We also really like the daily TVG Racing blog, which comes with wagering tips, race previews, and more betting advice. This is a great resource for newcomers to horse race betting if they want to make sure they put money down on smart wagers more than often than not.

Ultimately, TVG’s horseracing app is arguably the best in the industry. Michigan horseracing enthusiasts would do well to check this app out ASAP.

TVG Michigan: Overall Grade (4.8/5)

All in all, TVG is the top horse race betting app in Michigan and beyond. It has the best mobile app in the industry, a high-quality desktop site to match, and an unbeatable live stream and in-play betting arena that lets you place wagers in the heart of the action.

Furthermore, TVG provides the best betting lines and odds for horserace wagers across events, tournaments, and tracks. If there’s a professional horse racing event going on somewhere in the world, you’ll definitely be able to find it on the TVG app.

Add to that a fantastic opening bonus and regular promotions, and it’s clear that TVG is the best of the best when it comes to horse race wagering platforms in Michigan.

How To Place A Bet On TVG

Want to try out the excellent app we’ve just illustrated above? Good news – you’ll be able to place a bet in no time.

Follow the registration process described above. Once you create an account, you’ll be able to immediately scroll through TVG’s various horseracing offers. Be sure to check out the daily odds so you can take advantage of new promotions or particularly attractive wagers.

Placing a bet is as simple as clicking on runners that you prefer, then setting the stakes you desire. All told, it’ll only take a couple of thumb taps or clicks for you to place a bet on the TVG mobile sportsbook.

Common Bets At TVG

The most common TVG bets include:

  • Win bets, where you pick the horse you think will win a race outright
  • Place bets, where you pick a horse and put money down that they will finish first or second place
  • Show bets, which is the same as the above with the inclusion of a third-place win condition
  • Exacta bets, where you pick both horses that will finish in first and second place in the correct order
  • Quinella bets, which are a little more flexible since you only have to pick two horses that finish in either first or second place
  • Trifecta bets, where you pick the horses that will finish in first, second, and third place in the exact order
  • Superfecta bets, where you pick horses as in a trifecta bet, but with the inclusion of a fourth horse in fourth place

Furthermore, TVG allows you to access wagering options including “boxing”. With this option, you can hedge your bets and still win some money if your chosen horse finishes in any of the selected orders (i.e. first, second, or third place).

More exotic multiway bets are provided as well, including:

  • Daily double bets, where you pick two horses that will finish first in two consecutive races
  • Pick 3 bets, where you pick three horses that will finish in first place across three consecutive races
  • Pick 4, 5, and 6 bets, which are the same as the above with progressively larger potential prize pools. But as their names suggest, you have to pick all the horses that win in first place across four, five, and six consecutive races!

Is TVG Legit?

Yes. In fact, TVG is one of the most legitimate horse race betting sites in the industry, in part due to its long-running history and the fact that it operates in a multitude of states.

TVG has been active since 1999 and originally began as a TV racing channel. Now it provides horse race betting in states like Michigan and beyond. TVG currently operates in Michigan after an in-depth investigation performed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, which is the same organization that oversees the operation of all sports betting and gambling activities in this state.

Why Choose TVG Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Offshore and illegal betting sites might have been attractive before sports wagering and online gambling came to Michigan. But there’s no reason to choose these places over TVG and other legitimate sportsbooks anymore.

Even before sports betting was legalized, there was no reason to use illegal betting sites because these offshore apps have subpar digital security and are much more vulnerable to hackers. Even worse, there’s nothing stopping these sites from taking their users’ funds or personal information for their own purposes.

Furthermore, illegal betting sites usually have subpar betting lines and odds. Even if you managed to find a secure illegal betting site (which is unlikely), you’d likely have a bad experience and feel like you missed out on some great action.

The bottom line is that you should never use an illegal betting site, especially when a licensed alternative like TVG is available.

Why Can You Trust TVG With Your Money?

There are lots of reasons why it’s wiser to trust TVG with your money as opposed to an illegal betting site.

For starters, TVG uses top-tier digital security, including SSL certification, to protect both your account funds and your personal information. SSL certification encrypts traffic to and from the TVG website and app, making it much harder for any potential cybercriminal to do damage or take your personal information.

Furthermore, TVG is licensed and regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. This organization investigates TVG every year and TVG has to meet certain insurance and security requirements in order to renew its license.

This ensures a certain amount of security robustness and reliability that offshore betting sites simply can’t match. You should also consider that TVG has been in business for many years now, which speaks to its overall reliability.

Additionally, TVG provides a few different customer support channels so you can directly contact the operator if there’s ever a problem. For one, the app and desktop site both provide on-site live chat, so you can quickly connect with a customer service specialist in an instant. You can also email TVG at [email protected].

Furthermore, you can always contact a Michigan Gaming Control Board if there’s a problem with TVG and you want someone else to step in.

In the end, TVG is a fantastic horse race betting site through and through and can definitely be trusted with your hard-earned cash. 

TVG Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be? 21
What states is TVG legal in? 33 states in total, including Michigan, Iowa, New Jersey, and more
Launch date in Michigan June 2020


Do you need to be in Michigan when you place a horse wager using TVG?

Yes. The app will include geolocation software and prevent you from placing a bet if you step outside Michigan state lines.

Can you do in-play betting at TVG in Michigan?

Yes! In fact, this is the best way to use the app.

Can you sign up for TVG in Michigan from anywhere in the state?

Yes. Just be sure that you have all the personal information you’ll need to finish registration.

How old do you need to be to use TVG in Michigan?

21, which is the same age you need to be to do any gambling activities.

Who is TVG partnered with in Michigan?

No one, as Michigan does not require online gaming sites to be partnered with retail casinos.

Is TVG fully licensed in Michigan?

Yes, by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

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