How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Michigan Online Gambling Safer

Way back in 1997, a computer named Deep Blue made history when it defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a series of matches. The historic achievement was documented in a movie titled The Man vs. The Machine.

Today, nearly a quarter-century later, man works with machine to formulate the most efficient system for online gaming. Artificial Intelligence is being put to work to make your online gambling experience more enjoyable and safe.

Enter Jada Gaming

Jada Gaming, based in south Spain, is utilizing AI to address responsible gaming as well as to enhance the user experience for online casinos and sportsbooks around the globe.

“We use analytics to improve the gaming industry,” says Jada co-founder Josh Jones. “We’re exploring ways to use AI to assist with responsible gaming, to recommend games, to see which games are most profitable.”

Founded in 2020, Jada has already made a difference for their clients in Europe, where they have launched a comprehensive product that helps operators manage their online gaming business. 

“We [now have] an end-to-end platform to solve the problems for operators, [as well as] to see the information and visualize it,” says Jones.

Using AI, Jada Gaming is able to display data in a more structured way to solve the problems that are unique to gaming operators, and as a result the experience for the player is improved.

Artificial Intelligence can analyze millions or even billions of lines of data from player activity, all anonymously. Using their findings, Jada Gaming can offer the best products and bonuses to players, based on their previous performance. At the same time, operators get a big picture view of what is working and what can be improved to assist players and secure online gaming.

Jones stresses that responsibility is a key to what his company is adding to the industry. Jada Gaming does not store gambling activity, nor does it gather any personally identifiable information.

“We have emphasis on responsible gambling,” Jones says. “We can predict, based on AI, whether someone will be a problem gambler or not. With increased AI, we need to put an emphasis on responsible gambling.”

Operators using Jada Gaming’s tools can identify patterns that may indicate a gambling problem, such as increase in betting at certain times of the day, or erratic bet placements. The system, whether it be a mobile app or a cloud-based browser experience, can message those gamblers with warnings about responsible gaming.  

“There is a moral responsibility. I enjoy gambling, but we shouldn’t shy away from the fact that there are people who suffer from gambling related harm. I believe they are in a minority, but morally we have a right to help these people. Of course it can also reduce liability [for the operators]as well.”

Protection For Gambler

In addition to offering a more personalized experience for gamers, and promoting responsible gaming, AI systems are also being used to prevent abuse. Jada’s AI will secure against what’s called “bonus abuse,” which occurs when a malicious account tries to find flaws in a gaming app to take advantage of player bonuses. These methods are being used effectively by Jada in the European market. They will soon be implemented in the United States. Jones believes the burgeoning American market will open many new possibilities.

“In the U.S. it’s a complicated scenario,” Jones says. “You have to look at it on a state-by-state basis, not as a whole country. [Thus far] the revenues have exceeded expectations. I can imagine it will continue during covid with people inside. The revenue per customer is higher in the U.S. than even in rich countries in European Union”

As online gambling continues to grow in the United States, we’re bound to see more innovation using Artificial Intelligence. Gaming will be more personalized, enjoyable, responsible, and safe as a result.

About the Author

Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes has written three books about sports. He previously worked for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Major League Baseball. He enjoys writing, running, and lemon bars. He lives near Lake Michigan with his daughters and usually has an orange cream soda nearby.