Many Responsible Gambling Tools Available For Michigan Bettors

Many people in Michigan are realizing the enjoyment that can come from legalized online gambling since it launched in the state in January

But fun should never spiral out of control, and the Michigan Gaming Control Board is reminding citizens in the state that March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

Michiganders who participate in online gambling, whether casino gaming or betting through a licensed sportsbook, should be aware that tools exist to help them control their experience.

On most of the gaming websites or mobile gaming apps, players can check under “Responsible Gaming” to access the tools available to them, including:

  • Limit the amount of money you can deposit, the size of your wagers, or restrict your betting to certain hours of the day.
  • Most of these licensed operators will only change your self-imposed gambling limits after a 24-hour waiting period. Which guards against a bettor increasing his limits in a “heat of the moment” manner. 
  • Information on how to apply for the Michigan Gaming Control Board’s Responsible Gaming Database. Once your name is on that list, you will be unable to create an online gaming or online sports betting account with providers in Michigan for either one year or five years.
  • Providers may also exclude your name from being able to gamble in other states where they are licensed, should you request it. 
  • Signup options to prohibit establishing an account by visiting certain or all providers’ sites.
  • Signup options to exclude oneself from internet gaming and/or sports betting by visiting certain or all providers’ sites.
  • Providers are required to include access to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Gambling Disorder Helpline, which 800-270-7117. The MDHHS website provides services as well. 

For those who wish to enjoy gambling, this is an exciting time in Michigan. But everyone should be responsible, so they can get the best out of the experience. As the Greeks admonish us from history: “Everything in moderation.”

About the Author

Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes has written three books about sports. He previously worked for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Major League Baseball. He enjoys writing, running, and lemon bars. He lives near Lake Michigan with his daughters and usually has an orange cream soda nearby.