Michigan Poker Players Can Finally Face Players In Other States

Michigan online poker players will have access to the multi-state player network that three other states in the US enjoy. Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware share the All-American Poker Network, which includes players at WSOP.com and 888poker in those states. Now, Michigan has joined the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, and that means WSOP Michigan players will soon compete against the other three states.

“The Multi-State Internet Gaming Association welcomes Michigan to its ranks, along with its nearly 10 million residents, who can now avail themselves of a full array of interactive gaming among the Association’s member states,” said Rebecca Satterfield, Manager of the Association and the Internet Gaming Manager for the Delaware Lottery. “The Association continues to be forward thinking and welcomes the interest of additional gaming jurisdictions in becoming party to the Agreement.”

When Will Michigan Offer Multi-State Poker?

This is the million-dollar question. When Michigan will offer multi-state poker depends on how quickly the technology and approves happen. The good news is that New Jersey entered this agreement just a few years ago, so the companies have some experience getting it done. In that case, it took about six months. But the hope is that Michigan makes it happen more quickly.

Still, Michigan players should expect multi-state poker to take at least three months.

Hey, at least Michigan players aren’t Pennsylvania players. That state offers legal online poker apps, but it has not entered into a multi-state agreement. It’s likely that they will, though, assuming that Michigan’s entry goes smoothly. Otherwise, Pennsylvania will be the only state without multi-state online poker access despite having about the same population as New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada combined.

What About PokerStars And BetMGM Poker?

PokerStars Michigan and BetMGM Poker aren’t available in Nevada or Delaware, which means it didn’t have access to a multi-state player pool until now. So, it’s safe to assume that PokerStars and BetMGM Poker will both begin offering liquidity sharing with their respective New Jersey sites, plus their Pennsylvania sites assuming the Keystone State joins the agreement as well.

It’s also possible that BetMGM Poker will launch in Nevada, as BetMGM Sportsbook is already live in the state. If that happens, the BetMGM Poker network will extend to Michigan, New Jersey, and Nevada players, which would spell big competition for WSOP.

888poker, part of the All-American Poker Network with WSOP.com, has an online poker monopoly in Delaware, and we don’t expect that to change.

How Many Players Make Up The New Multi-State Poker Network?

Here are the current populations of each state with legal online poker:

  • Michigan: 9.987 million
  • New Jersey: 8.882 million
  • Nevada: 3.08 million
  • Delaware: 973,764
  • Pennsylvania: 12.8 million

With all but Pennsylvania soon combining player pools, that’s a combined population of about 25.6 million people. If Pennsylvania were to join as well, that would be 38.4 million. That’s a massive player pool.

Why Multi-State Online Poker Agreements Matter To A Player

From a player’s perspective, multi-state online poker agreements mean more competition, bigger tournament guarantees, and more competitive promotions.

Let’s start with more competition. There’s a low chance of ever having trouble finding a cash game or Sit & Go, and the wide range of budgets and experience levels means anyone can win.

More traffic to an online casino app also means bigger tournament guarantees. While the action is solid at WSOP Michigan, PokerStars Michigan, and BetMGM Poker, it simply can’t compare to more than double the player pool with the addition of three more states.

And assuming PokerStars and BetMGM also jump on the multi-state poker bandwagon, competition is going to heat up. While WSOP will remain the most popular site, the fight for players’ attention will heat up significantly when Michigan joins the other three states. That means even more opportunities for promotions.

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