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Four Winds Casino is definitely a solid app. And if you bet at the retail Four Winds Casino locations in Michigan, you’ll like the fact that you can earn rewards points playing online and in-person. But for our money, Golden Nugget Casino offers a far better online betting experience. And new signups can claim the Golden Nugget Michigan no-deposit bonus code: SHARP. This includes $30 free on signup, plus a 100% deposit-match up to $1,000 if you choose to deposit as well. Join Golden Nugget to take advantage of the free money. You can also join both Four Winds and Golden Nugget to take advantage of both deals.

But as mentioned, Four Winds Casino Online is a solid option for those already fans of the Four Winds brand. Read on for our full review of the Michigan online casino:

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Four Winds Michigan Casino Bonus Code June 2024

Four Winds Casino offers a 200% deposit match up to $200. It has a 10x playthrough requirement on slots and sports bets and a 100x playthrough requirement on table games. Video poker is not eligible for playthrough on this promotion. Terms and conditions apply.

Four Winds Casino Michigan Promo Code Claim $30 free at Golden Nugget Casino Michigan, instead of Four Winds.
Deposit Bonus $200 deposit bonus with 200% match rate
What States Allow Four Winds Casino Michigan
Four Winds Casino’s Land-Based Partner Four Winds Casino – Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians
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Four Winds Casino has a strong welcome bonus for new players. It’s especially attractive for bettors with little money to put into an online casino. With a 200% match rate, bettors can deposit $100 and end up with $300 in their accounts. However, players must play their money before it can be withdrawn. With a 10x requirement on slots, players would have to play $3,000 worth of slots games before they could withdraw that bonus money from their accounts. So, even through the match rate is high, players should be prepared for the high playthrough rate. 

Other online casinos in Michigan have lower match rates but higher bonus amounts. For example, FireKeepers Casino offers a $500 deposit bonus with a 100% match rate. It also has a 5x playthrough rate. So, bettors redeem credits at a similar rate, but they can reach higher levels of bonus credits. That’s a great deal for bettors who can afford to bet $5,000 to fully redeem that offer. Four Winds Casino’s welcome bonus is more affordable, but that high threshold is only reachable by a few players.


Four Winds Casino offers many different slot games. It’s hard to find an online casino that skimps on slots, though. Players can scroll through so many different slots. However, they’re not in any different categories. They’re all in the same list that players can scroll through. But that could give players the chance to try slots that players wouldn’t otherwise try. 

The featured slots game at the time of this review is Gonzo’s Quest Touch. It’s an adventure-themed slots game that players can try. Four Winds Casino elevates a game a week that can get players to try it. 

There are two types of slots games that players can play jackpots for. There are progressive jackpots, which increase every time players place a bet. To win these jackpots, players must wager the maximum amount allowed. The second type of slots game is a fixed jackpot. This jackpot remains the same regardless of the number of wagers placed. When Four Winds Casino adds the many themes to the slots games, players get a large variety of slots games.


Four Winds Casino has more than enough deposit and withdrawal options to be competitive. There are plenty of ways for players to get their money into their accounts. However, there are a few we wish were included in this list. The deposit methods are simple and direct: 

  • Play+ 
  • VIP Preferred E-check 
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Cash 

These deposit methods include three online options and one in-person option. The debit/credit card option is good, but PayPal gives players a little more flexibility and another way to keep personal and gaming funds separate. The withdrawal options are a little more limited: 

  • Play+ 
  • VIP Preferred E-check 
  • Cash 

Withdrawals are trickier for online casinos because they need to know who they’re sending money to. So, withdrawals come with a processing time that can last a few days. These withdrawal methods are pretty standard. This selection is also why PayPal would be such a great addition. It’s often used for both deposits and withdrawals, making it a versatile tool for online casinos and their players. But overall, this is a good selection of deposit and withdrawal options.


The Four Winds Casino mobile app is a pretty good app. It’s easy to find the casino games. There’s a casino tab and a sportsbook tab, so players can find exactly what they’re looking for. However, there’s no filter for the casino section. Players just have to scroll through about four brief loading screens to the bottom of the list to get past the slots and to the table games. It’s not the high point of the Four Winds casino app. 

However, it does a good job of listing its promotions for its casino and sportsbook sections. The promotions tab is accessible from a menu in the top-left corner. The promotions are listed clearly down the promotions page, with terms and special conditions easily accessible. So, bettors who want to take advantage of a promotion have everything they need within a few clicks. 

The best thing that Four Winds Casino could improve is a filtering option for the massive list of slots games. It could also combine featured games and promotions on the home screen. The home screen is just a shorter promotions page, and it could be designed to be more engaging. However, Four Winds Casino is a strong app, easy to use, and approachable for players new and old. 


Four Winds Casino has released an app that can compete with all the others in Michigan. It’s easy to find the casino games, redeem the competitive welcome bonus, and use the mobile app. There are a few design flaws that could be improved. Adding PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal option and tweaking a few app design specs would make Four Winds Casino a fierce Michigan competitor. Overall, Four Winds Casino is a strong choice for casino players. Especially if players can spend some money on that $200 deposit bonus.

Is Four Winds Casino Legit? 

Yes. It’s a legitimate business that’s licensed to operate in Michigan. It’s a safer and more innovative choice than anything on the black or gray markets. Here are five reasons bettors can trust Four Winds Casino’s legitimacy. 

Michigan Gaming Control Board License

The Michigan Gaming Control Board lists Four Winds Casino as one of Michigan’s licensed internet gaming providers. So, players know that Four Winds Casino has oversight. That should reassure players enough to get the ones who want to try an online casino to try an online casino. 

Four Winds Casino’s Long History 

The first Four Winds casino opened in New Buffalo in 2007. Since then, three more Four Winds locations have opened without complaint. Four Winds Casino has a good reputation and good reason to protect it. Players should feel comfortable trusting the incentives that have combined to make Four Winds Casino a trustworthy company.  

Four Winds Casino’s Terms And Conditions 

The terms and conditions are not fun to read. (Trust us. We’ve read them.) But they lay out the deal that Four Winds Casino makes with its players in precise detail. That’s where Four Winds Casino promises to pay winnings as they’re advertised. That’s a critical detail when players are putting their own money on the line. 

Four Winds Casino’s Customer Complaint Process

Like the terms and conditions, customer service departments are underrated. They ensure that the casino runs fairly and that customers are treated fairly. (No one’s denying that customer service reps have a lot of crazies to go through too, though.) That customer complaint process can escalate as high as the Michigan Gaming Control Board if needed. It’s a safety net that should reassure customers. 

Four Winds Casino’s Necessity 

Tribal casinos and other tribal businesses directly fund social services on reservations. They’re critical to tribal economies, and in combination with the preceding pressures, they’re some of the most pressing reasons that Four Winds Casino operates legitimately. 

Why Choose Four Winds Casino Over Illegal Betting Sites? 

If players are tempted to use an illegal or unlicensed online casino, then they should reconsider. Four Winds Casino has a safety net, track record, and reputation that should make players comfortable using their product. 

Illegal betting sites, whether they’re sportsbooks or online casinos, seldom come with basic safety nets. Things like terms and conditions and customer service may seem like little details. However, they’re critical pieces of a legitimate business. Illegal betting sites don’t need to have either of these bedrock processes in place, either. They don’t answer to government authorities or oversight committees. 

Sometimes, they answer to criminal bosses who decide to scam players outright. When players open their credit cards or bank accounts to a criminal organization, there’s a solid chance that players will have their accounts siphoned. There’s no recourse for players, either. If players choose to play illegally, then they can’t sue for damages in Canadian court. There’s no legal standing for collecting illegal gambling winnings or losses. So, players can end up in a nightmare scenario where they lose a lot of money and have no way to reclaim it. 

Players do not want to run that risk. 

Compare that to Four Winds Casino, where players know that the casino they’re playing at plays by a set of clear and consistent rules. Players know that Four Winds Casino will pay winnings if they’re fairly won, and that players have somewhere to go if they feel they’ve been treated unfairly. Those protections are important to legitimizing gaming companies like Four Winds Casino. Four Winds Casino is immeasurably better than its unlicensed and illegal counterparts. Players should pick the clear choice of using a safe, licensed product like Four Winds Casino. 

Why Can You Trust Four Winds Casino With Your Money? 

Players take a leap of faith every time they trust a gaming company with their money. They should feel comfortable taking that same leap with Four Winds Casino for a few reasons. 

First, Four Winds Casino gives players a few tools and responsibilities to protect their accounts and their money. The Four Winds Casino app gives players the option to set up two-step authentication upon login. Players can also send instances of suspected account breaches to Four Winds Casino so they can be logged and investigated. That way, even though players are responsible for their accounts, they’re not alone in its protection. 

However, Four Winds Casino has its own security measures, too. It undertakes security reviews of players before releasing withdrawals. That ensures that money goes to the correct player. However, it also prevents Four Winds Casino from awarding money to suspicious players who may be involved in criminal conduct. Four Winds Casino is careful with its money and its players’ money. It’s a safe business for casino players to trust with money. 

Four Winds Casino Fact Sheet 

How Old Do You Have To Be? 21
What States Are Four Winds Casino Legal In? Michigan
Who Is Four Winds Casino’s Partner In Michigan? Four Winds Casino
Four Winds Casino App Launch Date February 15, 2021


Four Winds Michigan Online Casino FAQ

Is Four Winds Casino Legal In Michigan?

Yes. It’s one of Michigan’s licensed internet gaming providers. That means it’s submitted itself to a security analysis and a software analysis before launch. That ensures that the online casino is secure and functional before players spend money on it. It’s a critical control measure that protects not only Four Winds Casino, but also this young industry. Players cannot underestimate how important the licensing process is to internet gaming providers. 

How Do I Sign Up For Four Winds Casino?

Four Winds Casino breaks its online registration process into two steps. First, players create their usernames and passwords. If they have a promo code, players can enter it in the first box on step one. During step two, players will enter their addresses, last four digits of their social security numbers, and set account security questions. Once all this is done, players just need to be located in Michigan to start playing. 

Can I Use Four Winds Casino On My Phone?

Yes. Four Winds Casino has an iOS and Android app for players to use. The app lists all the casino games in a long list that players can scroll through. It includes mostly slots games, but it also has some table games at the end. Players can also switch to the sportsbook app with a button at the top of the screen. So, the app is good at offering both Four Winds Casino products in one app. 

Do I Have To Live In Michigan To Use The Four Winds Casino App?

No, but it sure helps. As long as players are in the state of Michigan, players can access Four Winds Casino’s app. Four Winds Casino will not allow players from outside of Michigan to place bets. It would violate Michigan law and risk Four Winds Casino’s internet gaming license. If players attempt to play from outside of Michigan enough times, Four Winds Casino will take action against those stubborn players. 

Is PayPal An Available Deposit Option?

No. It’s not an available deposit or withdrawal option. However, it would be an excellent addition to Four Winds Casino’s list of deposit options. It’s a separate online wallet from players’ banks and credit cards. So, it’s a good way for players to keep gaming money separate from personal money. That additional flexibility is attractive to some players, and would solve problems with banks that don’t want to process gambling transactions. 

How Old Do Legal Players Have To Be To Use The Four Winds Casino App?

21. It’s Michigan’s gambling law and it’s in Four Winds Casino’s terms and conditions. Retail casinos were live for decades longer than online casinos. So, casinos’ liquor licenses had to be taken into account. The gambling law remained the same after igaming was legalized, so the online gambling age remains at 21. It’d be a weak law if it could be circumvented by a wifi connection. 

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