Detroit Lions Betting Preview: Three Bets Everyone Should Make

The word of the day for the Detroit Lions has been ‘rebuilding’ for years. They keep trying and failing, which means they must try again. It also means that the Lions have not been a good bet to win the division, NFC, or Super Bowl in years, let alone make the playoffs. With the rebuilding effort they are kick-starting this season, it does not look promising for the Detroit Lions this year.

However, that does not mean there are no bets worth making on them. There are, in fact, a few:

Detroit Lions Best Bets Caesars BetRivers PointsBet
Lowest Scoring Team +700 +800 +600
Last Winless Team +275 +300 +250
Team To Concede Most Points +700

All three have value, but does that mean you should take them?

Lowest Scoring Team

Struggling is nothing new for the Detroit Lions. They have been doing it for years. With all the changes they have undergone since the end of last season, it would not be shocking to see them have some issues this season. Dealing with a new head coach and offensive coordinator is one thing. But when you factor in a new quarterback and other personnel changes, that can be a lot to handle.

But it is not like the Lions are losing longtime quarterback Matthew Stafford and inserting some random scrub. Jared Goff is a former No. 1 pick. While he may not have lived up to the expectations that come with being taken first, he has played well—overall.

It’s not like he will not have any help. The offensive line is considered a top ten unit. D’Andre Swift is a decent running back and Jamaal Williams has potential. T.J. Hockenson is one of the better young tight ends in the game. However, their wide receivers are nothing to brag about. The lack of talent at the position will make life hard for Jared Goff—and easier for opposing defenses.

Offensive productivity will likely take a dip this season—but so much that the Lions have the lowest-scoring offense in the NFL? When expectations are as bad or worse for the New York Giants, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New York Jets?

Last Winless Team

While the Houston Texans are favored to have the lowest-scoring offense this season, the Lions are the favorite to be the last winless team. With their schedule, they could certainly be in the running for that dubious distinction.

Detroit will probably not win one of their first three (vs. San Francisco, Green Bay, and Baltimore). They might have a chance against Chicago (Week Four) or Minnesota (Week Five), but they will be underdogs in both games. However, against the Bengals in Week Six, there is a chance they could be favored.

If the Lions do not win that game, their next best chance will be against Philadelphia in Week Eight. But then there will be potential from Week 12-16.

As for some of the other likely candidates:

  • Houston is not as bad as people are expecting them to be. They could easily get a win in Week One or Three.
  • The Jets have a good shot at winning No. 1 in Week One, Three, and Five. But it will depend on Zach Wilson and the offense.
  • Jacksonville could win any of their first four, but they could also lose all four.
  • Chicago has a winnable game in Week Two (Bengals), Three (Lions), and Four (Raiders).
  • Philadelphia might be a good candidate. Atlanta is beatable in Week One, but then their next best chance will not come until Week Five (Carolina) and then Week Seven (Raiders) and Eight (Lions).

Team To Concede Most Points

A team that has a shot to be the last winless team and the lowest-scoring team will certainly have a shot at being the team to give up the most points—like the Lions did last season (32.4 points/game). As bad as their defense was, you would have thought they would have overhauled the defensive roster.

But they didn’t.

Yes, they added a few guys in the draft and a couple of free agents. But it is hard to say any of the new players will have the kind of impact the Lions need for them not to be the worst scoring defense in the league—again.

Houston’s defense was not much better last season (29.0 points/game). Like the Lions, they lost a few guys and didn’t bring in anyone new worth talking about. There is a chance they could struggle this season much as they did last, maybe worse.

Jacksonville, Las Vegas, and Minnesota worked on improving their defenses during the offseason. It is more likely their respective defenses improve this season. They still might be among the worst scoring defenses in the league. But there is no reason to think they will be the worst.

Detroit Lions Betting Recommendations

There is certainly value in all three wagers. The Lions could undoubtedly struggle with the talent (or lack thereof) on the roster, a new coaching staff, and a tough schedule. It is not hard to imagine them as the last winless team, the lowest-scoring team, or the worst scoring defense.

But what if you do not want to bet on all three? Then go with them in this order: team to concede the most points, last winless team, and lowest-scoring team.

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