7 Quick Tips For Winning Online Poker In Michigan

For some players, online poker strategy is a life-long endeavor. So no amount of fast and easy tips online can beat experience, research, and passion. But for novice and intermediate players looking for new ideas to get a leg up, these seven tips, specifically for online poker in Michigan, can be just the reshuffle you need.

1. Play Low Budget Cash Games

Low budget cash games host the least competitive players. The high-roller games are where the big dogs play. If you want to optimize your odds of winning, the low budget cash games are the way to go.

Cash games are the kind where you sit down, play as many hands as you want, and leave at any time. This means a huge amount of player turnover, giving you a practically endless supply of new competition.

2. Cash In Rewards Points

Online poker players earn way more rewards points at BetMGM Poker and WSOP than sports bettors and casino players. For earning comps at BetMGM, poker players get 500 points per $100 cash game rake and tournament fees. Meanwhile, slots players only earn 20 points for every $100 played in slots.

At WSOP, players earn Action Club points through WSOP.com as well as Caesars Rewards points, as WSOP is owned by Caesars Entertainment. That means you earn points in two different rewards programs simultaneously.

3. Play At Peak Times

The more players, the more opportunities to win. When you play cash games at peak times (usually after working hours on weekdays and all weekend), you’ll come across players of all skill levels and experience. That gives every level of player a better chance of walking away with a profit.

But the best part of playing at peak times is the opportunity to switch to a variety of different tables. When things aren’t going your way, sometimes the best thing to do is to simply leave the table and sit down at a new one. It brings new opponents, new cards, and possibly better luck.

4. Don’t Overlook Jackpot Sit & Go

Now, Jackpot Sit & Go’s aren’t a good long-term strategy. But they’re something too online poker players in Michigan overlook. 

Sit & Go is a single-table tournament, whereas Tournaments are multi-table tournaments with far more players. Typically, the pool for a Sit & Go tournament is simply the amount of each buy-in. But with Jackpot Sit & Go, a jackpot is randomly generated.

The jackpot could be less than the total buy-in – but it could also mean a lot more. It’s definitely a bummer when it’s less, as you still have to play the tournament. But you could buy in for as little as $1 and trigger a five-figure jackpot.

5. Set A Time Limit, Budget, & Cash Out When You’re Ahead

No matter what form of gambling you’re undertaking, it’s crucial to set a strict time limit and a budget. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, and always stop when you’ve hit your time limit. Of course, you can’t really stick to a time limit if you’re heading into a massive tournament, but you can choose not to play before or after that multi-table tournament.

These are basic tenets of Responsible Gaming. The longer you play, the higher the likelihood of losing money. And that brings us to the most important rule of all: when you’ve won a good amount, cash out, whether you’ve been playing for thirty minutes or two hours.

6. Utilize Bonus Codes

The only way to guarantee a win? The Michigan online poker bonus codes:

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From the WSOP.com no deposit bonus to getting $50 for betting as little as $1 at PokerStars, you can start playing poker in Michigan with a lot of free money:

7. Join Multiple Poker Sites

If you’re wondering if you should claim all the bonus codes for online poker in Michigan, the answer would be yes. You’ll want to pay extra special attention to practicing Responsible Gaming, but joining more than one poker site just makes sense. Not only do you get access to the welcome offers plus all the promotions for existing players, you get an even bigger pool of players and more access to tournaments. Combined with the rest of the tips, you’ll set yourself up to be as successful as possible (short of reading a bunch of poker books, of course).

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