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  CRB Dictionary - Craps:

Craps is a game of chance played with two regular six-sided dice. It can be played in a casino, or between players in a more casual game. You can make wagers concerning one roll, or a series of rolls.

Casino Craps Rules

In Casino Craps, the players take turns being the “shooter,” which is the name for the person who rolls the dice. The shooter starts off the round with rolling the dice in order to come up with a specific point value. This is called the “come out” roll. Players will have made bets under one of two options. The “Pass” option means that you wager that the value of the next roll will be at least as large as the come out roll. The “Don’t Pass” option means that you think the next roll will be of a lesser value.

There are certain special circumstances for some values in the come out roll. If the value is 2 or 3, the shooter has “crapped out,” and pass line bets are forfeit. The same is true for a roll of 12. Pass line betters should hope for a come out roll of 7 or 11, which results in an automatic win for them. All other values can result in “regular” proceedings.


With a player rolling the dice, it might be a concern of the other players that the shooter will be cheating. However, keep in mind that several casino employees are usually at the craps table. They perform functions like guarding the chips and handing dice over. However, besides these other tasks, they can also help to monitor the game.

Craps and Society

Due to both historical connections and popular stereotyping, certain gambling games tend to be associated with certain groups. For instance, baccarat is associated with the pre-revolutionary French aristocracy and bingo with the elderly. Craps has been associated with soldiers for a long time. This is probably because the game does not require a great deal of equipment. A pair of dice requires very little space, as well as being easy to obtain and carry around. In the United States, it tends to be associated with the black community, since many believe it to have been popularized in that country by the African-Americans of New Orleans.

Still, the history of Craps may be traced back farther than these groups. Some experts believe that the game has its roots in the dice games played by French and English Crusaders in medieval times.

Craps Online

The Advantages of Playing Craps Online

Mainly, the advantages have to do with the equipment. Yes, it is very easy to buy and carry around a pair of dice. However, tossing them over and over can be much more complicated than some people assume. For example, you have to worry about the possibility of losing the dice, especially if you happen to be playing in a cluttered area. You might also knock something over, or inconvenience somebody else in the room. Playing with virtual dice is much neater, in real world terms.

Furthermore, legitimate online casinos will not run out of money to pay you if you so happen to win a big prize. You are free to make very large bets, if you wish.

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