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Slots is a favorite casino game. It does not require much of a skill and it allows players to enjoy the game and keep it to himself. Players do not need company while playing Slots. They do not need to do anything more than studying the pay table first and pulling the reels next.

There is, however, a weight on making decision as to what kind of slot machine to play. For those who do not know yet, there are two slot machine types. One is the popular reel slot and the other is the video slot. Although both slot machines offer the same Slots excitement, they are different in some ways.

Reel Slots vs. Video Slots

Reel slots are the traditional kind. They are the original look of slot machines when the mechanical device was first developed. Video slots, on the other hand, are the new, updated machines. They were added features in them and for some casino players who are also Slots aficionados, those features are interesting enough to make them turn into video slot gaming.

If you are thinking to switch into video slots yourself, you must make serious consideration on the differences of the two slot types. That is to ensure that you will be making the best decision.

Video Slot

For one, video slots have a lower return on a single spin. This means that even if you hit a line, you might be on the losing end of the bet. You may win a few coins with one payline but lose a bigger amount of coins in your losing paylines. In case of reel slots, every hit guarantees your money back. You get an amount equivalent to your bet once you hit on a payline.

Also, jackpots usually require you to bet the maximum. Unless you do that, you will not be allowed to earn the jackpot. In video slots, the maximum bet is considerably higher; with reel slots, it is lower. For some players, since the odds of hitting the jackpot is quite low, they choose to bet the minimum or just one coin to stretch their bank roll and take more of the gaming fun. It is a different thing altogether when you are playing a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots grow by the minute and if you want to hit it big, you need to risk it big.

Then again, the fact remains that video slots are highly entertaining. With more paylines, it provides more ways for a player to win, if not an amount equivalent to his bet at least an amount of fun like no other.

Video Slots

How to Play Video Slots

Learning the ropes around video slots is easy as soon as you learn what each button on the machine can do. There are two rows of buttons in every video slot machine. The back row buttons reveal the amount of credits that you can bet each line. The front row buttons, meanwhile, reveal the bet max button, which you will hit if you want to place the maximum amount of wager; the lines per spin, which you will use to determine how many lines you want to play; the cash collect button, which you will need when you have got won credits to collect; and the Help button, which could be useful in showing you the way.

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