Michigan Online Casino Games We Expect to See at Launch

Michigan is inching ever-closer to an online casino launch after a long road to legalization. The Great Lakes State authorized online casino gaming in 2019, and legislators began to put a regulatory framework in place. The Michigan Gaming Control Board’s initial timeline pointed to a possible November or December 2020 online casino launch, meaning Michiganders could be only days or weeks away from playing casino games on the go.

As Michigan’s online casino launch approaches, it helps to brush up on the myriad of games available on the gambling sites and apps. Here’s an overview of some popular types of games you can expect to find when Michigan finally launches its online casinos. 

Slots, Slots, Slots

After you create an online casino account and enter the online lobby, you’ll see a deluge of thumbnails showing you hundreds of slot games. 

Slots are the dominant game in the online casino world, simply because they come in so many shapes and sizes. Choosing the best slot for you comes down to your personal preference, but there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Theme/aesthetic: slots have various themes and art styles. Dragons, leprechauns, piles of gold, German Bier Haus, and many other themes are available. You’ll also find licensed brands like Willy Wonka, Game of Thrones, and other popular franchises in slot form. 
  • Volatility: some slots are made for bonus chasers, paying big wins when the bonus actually hits. Others trend toward more frequent but lower-paying wins. 
  • Jackpots: Jackpots give you the opportunity to win big, though the chances are small. But not every slot game has a jackpot, so if you’re interested in playing for a potentially gargantuan payout, the jackpot-games may be for you. 

When Michigan launches its first online casinos, the best way to find your favorite slot is to play a few and make note of the ones you like. And check back often, because new slots are released on a regular basis. 

Be on the lookout for free spins sign-up bonuses. Free spins are a great way to test out slot themes without risking money. 

Table Games

Meander through a land-based casino, and you’ll encounter a bevy of felt-topped table games peppered between banks of slot machines. 

At online casinos in Michigan, the scene will be very similar, though you’ll be scrolling instead of meandering. Table games are popular across the board, and Michigan’s casino sites will feature them in spades. 

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in the entire casino industry, and that rings true for the digital space, too. Online blackjack minimums tend to be a bit lower than land-based counterparts, meaning you can make your money last longer if you play smart. The key difference between electronic blackjack and physical blackjack is that you can often play multiple hands at once. With no other players to take up seats, the table can be your private gaming space. Keep an eye out for variations, too. 

Roulette is another popular game that translates well to the online space. There’s no physical wheel, which takes away some of the excitement, but even virtual roulette is a blast. Check for variations like French or single-zero roulette at Michigan’s online casinos to find your favorite version of the classic game. 

To a lesser extent, table games such as baccarat, craps, or sic bo can be found at online casinos. Availability will vary based on the online casino you’re using in Michigan. My suggestion? Shop around for good online casino bonuses and play at a few to find the one that has your favorite games. 

Live Dealer

Live dealer games are the ultimate combination of the online and land-based casino experience. A real dealer doles out cards while the computer settles bets. The dealer is live-streamed straight to your device via video feed. 

You can play live dealer games with other players virtually, and many include a chat function so you can socialize as you play. 

A few of Michigan’s online casino providers look slated to offer live dealer games once the state launches online gaming. BetMGM, FanDuel, Golden Nugget, and DraftKings are among the providers expected to feature live dealer games. 

Generally, live dealer games better emulate the casino experience. Table spots are limited and bet minimums tend to be a bit higher than on completely online games. 

Michigan’s Online Future Is Bright

Compared to sports betting, online casino gaming lags behind in most states, legislatively speaking. But Michigan is set to become one of only a few states to allow digital casinos (the current roster includes Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia). 

As Michigan joins the fray, online casino game developers will surely take notice and begin to invest more in the technology that drives these games. As a result, you can expect new and innovative titles to emerge when online casinos in legal US markets begin to mature. 

For now, it’s just a waiting game. Hopefully within a few weeks, Michigan players will have access to a whole world of online casino games. 

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Cole Rush

Cole Rush is a Chicago-based freelance writer in the gambling, media, and entertainment space. His work has been showcased in various gaming industry magazines and online columns. Prior to freelance writing, Cole spent seven years in communications at a gambling and lottery supplier.