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TwinSpires Sportsbook was one of the first ten mobile sportsbooks to launch in Michigan. However, those looking for the TwinSpires Sportsbook promo code are better off joining DraftKings Sportsbook, which offers better odds and promotions. Plus, TwinSpires Sportsbook has officially collapsed, and TwinSpires has gone back to being a strictly horse race betting site. Use our exclusive link to DraftKings Sportsbook to get $50 free on signup, plus a 20% deposit-match up to $1,000. That’s way more lucrative than the TwinSpires Michigan promo code of the past.

Still curious about TwinSpires Sportsbook in Michigan? Check out our full review of what once was below:

$50 Free On Signup
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TwinSpires Sportsbook Michigan Promo Code June 2024

TwinSpires Sportsbook offers bettors seven days of risk-free bets up to $1,000. 

Sort of. 

If bettors lose, then they get their wagers back, up to $1,000. However, the promotion ends if bettors win. So, instead of betting risk-free for a week, bettors will likely wager risk-free until their first wagers on favorites. Terms and conditions apply.

TwinSpires Sportsbook Michigan Promo Code FREE1000
Risk-Free Bet $1,000 Risk-Free Day
What States Allow TwinSpires Sportsbook Full sportsbook: Michigan & Indiana; Horse racing only: Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (under BetAmerica brand)
TwinSpires Sportsbook Land-Based Casino Island Resort & Casino
Promo Code Verified For June 2024

TwinSpires Sportsbook’s best feature is its welcome bonus. It offers a $1,000 risk-free bet over bettors’ first seven days of betting. If bettors lose their bets, TwinSpires will credit bettors’ original stakes back to their accounts. However, there are a few different ways for the promotion to end: 

  • Lose for seven days 
  • Earn $1,000 back in lost wagers
  • Win

If bettors peek at the terms and conditions, the risk-free bets end the first time a player wins. So, if your first bet is a win, then you get to enjoy the winnings. If you lose $500 then hit a win, you’ll only get $500 in risk-free bets. Finally, if you lose for five days, but win on the sixth, then you only get five days’ worth of site credits. 

This is an improvement over other risk-free bets that are only good for a bettor’s first wager. It gives new bettors who don’t read the conditions a chance to benefit from the bonus. The conditions that end the bonus should be front and center along with the bonus. But the value TwinSpires offers is strong compared to other Michigan sportsbooks. 


TwinSpires has okay odds. It may occasionally be your best option for certain bets (at least until it shuts down), but we’d recommend making it a secondary or tertiary stop along your odds-shopping journey.

TwinSpires Point Spreads And Totals

Odds Comparison TwinSpires Point Spread FanDuel Point Spread TwinSpires Totals FanDuel Totals
Boston Celtics -2.5 (-112) -2.5 (-110) Over 204 (-112) Over 204(-110)
Miami Heat +2.5 (-109) +2.5 (-110) Under 204 (-109) Under 204 (-110)

Here’s a look at an NBA matchup slated to occur at the time of this writing. TwinSpires and FanDuel have identical lines, but the odds are slightly different on each bet. TwinSpires is the more favorable place to wager on the Miami Heat point spread of the under. FanDuel is the better choice for the Celtics point spread or the over. The differences in odds are small, but they do have an impact on your payout no matter how much or how little you bet.

Looking for these small but crucial differences is key in sports betting. Find the sportsbook that gives you the best odds on your desired wager.

TwinSpires Moneyline Odds

Odds Comparison TwinSpires FanDuel
Miami Marlins +150 +152
Tampa Bay Rays -180 -180

Baseball is a favorite sport among moneyline bettors thanks to its close match-ups and slow, strategic play. Here, we see minuscule differences in the odds provided by TwinSpires and FanDuel. Either sportsbook would be equally good for a bet on the Tampa Bay Rays moneyline, as the odds are identical/ However, FanDuel beats out TwinSpires ever so slightly on the Marlins moneyline. A $100 bet at FaNDuel would pay $152 while the same bet at TwinSpires would pay $150. A small but important difference.

Again, we see the importance of checking multiple sportsbooks for different, more advantageous odds.

TwinSpires Futures Odds

Normally, we’d include a note about futures and theoretical hold here. However, TwinSpires is shutting down its sports betting operations later this year, so it doesn’t make much sense to place a futures bet on the platform. Instead, we encourage you to check out reviews of other major Michigan sportsbooks such as FanDuel, DraftKings, or PointsBet. All of those oddsmakers have great futures markets available.


TwinSpires has a strong selection of sports and leagues to choose from. The core sports that Americans care about are represented. Professional football, baseball, basketball, and hockey are all available. Soccer and its myriad international leagues are available for betting. Even bettors who want to wager outside their comfort zones can find new sports to try. Bettors can wager on Australian Rules Football, rugby, and cycling, too. There’s a good range of sports to find in here. 

There’s also a “sports” section for Super Odds. These are either bets with higher odds or parlays. For example, TwinSpires offers a boosted line on Wisconsin vs. Maryland, boosting Maryland’s +130 odds to +175. One of the parlays it offered was on the Mavericks vs. Jazz for +300: 

  • Mavericks +1.5
  • L. Doncic Over 27.5 Total Points 

However, DraftKings remains the king of market depth and variety. It has obscure sports and little-known leagues galore. But TwinSpires has room to grow and it won’t leave bettors out in the cold. Its sport selection is well-positioned to cater to its bettors.


TwinSpires is ready to take its customers’ money. They have seven deposit options, which is a great amount. This selection includes convenient deposit options for all types of bettors. Here are TwinSpires’ deposit options: 

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Online Banking 
  • ACH
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Play+ Card
  • PayNearMe

Bettors have online deposit options that give bettors versatility. Several of these options allow bettors to keep track of their sports betting funds. The withdrawal options are limited but include: 

  • Mailed Check
  • PayPal 
  • EZ Money

The mailed check and PayPal accounts are common. EZ Money stands out. Here, it’s used as an online checking account. But it’s the first time we’ve seen a payday lending company also offering checking accounts for bettors to use. Bettors can create EZ Money accounts, but PayPal may be more convenient. 

TwinSpires made sure that it could accept and award money in as many different ways as possible from the beginning. This selection is convenient for bettors and increases TwinSpire’s revenue potential. Bettors shouldn’t have any payment or deposit issues with TwinSpire Sportsbook. 


The TwinSpires app is the weakest part of the TwinSpires package. The app’s strongest aspect is that it offers both the sportsbook and casino in the same app. However, navigating between the two is awkward. The TwinSpires app opens to the casino page. To find the sportsbook, bettors must click the TwinSpires logo in the upper-left corner. That’ll open the full menu to the sportsbook, horse racing app, and the help section. 

The sportsbook’s homepage opens to live betting. At the bottom of the screen, bettors can navigate to: 

  • A dedicated live betting page 
  • The A-Z sports list
  • Upcoming games
  • The betslip

It’s odd that the home screen and live betting pages are so similar. The homepage shows three types of wagers while the live betting page only shows moneylines. TwinSpires should eliminate redundant pages to improve navigation. The A-Z tab has room to condense, too. The Featured Sports section and the actual A-Z section are almost identical. It could remove the ‘featured sports’ section and lead with the ‘popular sports’ like normal. The disappearing logo at the top of the screen can be found again by swiping up, too. 

These navigational shortcomings make the app less polished than the industry standard. 


TwinSpires Sportsbook ranks well in critical sportsbook infrastructure. Its bonus is one of the best on the market. But, ironically, bettors are in for a surprise when they win for the first time and the promotion ends. That condition needs to be clarified upfront. TwinSpires Sportsbook’s odds and sport selection meet Michigan’s industry standard. However, its mobile app falls short. It’s messy and includes redundant sections, complicating bettors’ efforts to find what they’re looking for. 

But it’s a moot point when the registration process doesn’t work. TwinSpires Sportsbook has promise, but it has some kinks to work out before competing at the top of the market. 

Is TwinSpires Sportsbook Legal?

Yes. As a licensed Michigan sportsbook, TwinSpires Sportsbook is a safe and carefully vetting sports betting option. TwinSpires historically has been known for horse racing. Previously known as BetAmerica, the BetAmerica sports betting and casino apps are available in a handful of other states. Expect BetAmerica to rebrand the apps in other states to the TwinSpires brand. In Michigan, the company launched both its TwinSpires sportsbook and casino app under this new brand. 

Here are five reasons bettors can trust TwinSpires Sportsbook’s authenticity. 

TwinSpires Sportsbook Follows Industry Rules 

Unsurprisingly, legal sportsbooks follow laws that illegal sportsbooks freely ignore. The Michigan Gaming Control Board even offers an FAQ page for businesses to clarify logistical matters. For example, TwinSpires Sportsbook must fulfill certain requirements before putting their apps on the app store. It’s an immediate show of good faith. 

TwinSpires Sportsbook Can Only Offer Certain Sports

There’s a list of sports that licensed Michigan sportsbooks can offer betting lines on. This list of sports ensures sportsbooks offer wagers on contests with fair and transparent rules. Imagine a sportsbook making up a sport that let sportsbooks win on a technicality. It’d be madness! A regulated industry prevents this scenario.  

TwinSpires Sportsbook Can Only Offer Certain Wagers On Certain Sports

The sports wagering catalog also includes acceptable wagers in Michigan’s sports betting industry. Avoiding unknown wagers puts bettors and sportsbooks on a level playing field. It makes sports betting as fair as it can be for bettors. It’s yet another control that separates the legitimate from the illegitimate. 

The Michigan Gaming Control Board’s Responsible Gaming Database

Michigan sportsbooks get access to the Responsible Gaming Database. It’s a list of bettors that are not allowed to wager at sportsbooks. Bettors add themselves to this list for different reasons. They may want to limit their gambling or take a break from sports betting. Regardless of the reason, sportsbooks are compelled to prevent bettors on this list from wagering. It’s a condition illegal sportsbooks couldn’t pretend to care about. 

Bonuses And Promotions Are Regulated Too 

Although they don’t need government approval, sportsbook promotions must adhere to “recordkeeping and operational requirements prescribed in the administrative rules.” Basically, sportsbook bonuses must follow industry standards, too. Sportsbooks have the freedom to implement their own bonuses without harming bettors. 

Why Choose TwinSpires Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites? 

For starters, you’re not breaking federal law by wagering at a licensed state sportsbook. The same federal law that prohibits sports wagering information from crossing state lines applies to international borders, too. Anyone betting at offshore sportsbooks violates the Wire Act

But illegal sportsbooks aren’t limited to offshore sportsbooks. Any website that offers sports betting but is unlicensed by Michigan’s Gaming Control Board violates state law. While offshore sportsbooks are impossible to shut down, illegal domestic sportsbooks are less challenging. In February 2020, the Michigan Gaming Control Board led an investigation that closed 14 illegal gambling sites. These places offered video slot machines without a license to do so. If they hadn’t closed, they would’ve faced 10-year felony charges

If these businesses had been sportsbooks, bettors would’ve found themselves in a bind. They wouldn’t be able to withdraw any winnings or get their wagers refunded. Any money they had in an account would be gone. Bettors also wouldn’t have had any legal recourse for gambling at illegal sportsbooks. It would be a messy no-win situation. 

However, bettors can lose all their money to incompetently run illegal sportsbooks, too. Gaming Commissions often require sportsbooks to maintain set cash reserves to ensure bettors receive winnings. For example, the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi Gaming Commission requires sportsbooks to have the larger of: 

  • $500,000 of cash on hand.
  • However much the sportsbook’s outstanding liability is. 

Set limits like these ensure sportsbooks don’t run out of money to pay bettors. Compared to an illegal sportsbook with no such controls, licensed sportsbooks look pretty good. Bettors can feel confident betting at TwinSpires Sportsbook in a way they can’t at illegal, unlicensed, or offshore betting sites. 

Why You Can Trust TwinSpires Sportsbook With Your Money

Once TwinSpires was awarded their online gaming license, they had a few hoops to jump through before going live. They had to run tests for their games and software to make sure they were market-ready. TwinSpires also had to have an independent tester ensure that TwinSpires Sportsbook could handle industry demands. That would not only include bettor-end services, like making sure deposits and withdrawals worked. It would also include back-end security measures to make sure hackers couldn’t steal social security numbers. Only after passing this final hurdle could TwinSpires Sportsbook go live in Michigan.

While these final steps were taking place, bettors could find many sportsbook apps on the app store and even create accounts. However, the app wouldn’t have gone onto the app store unless the account management functions were ready. The app also wouldn’t allow bettors to place wagers until the Michigan Gaming Control Board signed off on it. TwinSpires Sportsbook was carefully monitored before its launch, and remains scrutinized while it’s live. With all these controls in place, bettors can trust TwinSpires Sportsbook with their money. 

TwinSpires Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?  21
What states is it legal in?  Michigan*, Indiana*, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania 
Who is TwinSpires Sportsbook’s Michigan partner?  Hannahville Indian Community 

*TwinSpires’ horse racing app and website are available in many states. The sportsbook/casino app is confined to Michigan and Indiana.  

TwinSpires Sportsbook Michigan FAQ

Is TwinSpires Sportsbook Legal In Michigan?

Yes, TwinSpires Sportsbook was legal. It jumped through every regulatory hoop it needed to execute a successful launch. It was one of 15 online sportsbooks to get a license and one of ten that launched on day one. Bettors could download the app on their phones, sign up, and begin wagering. However, TwinSpires now only offers horse race betting in Michigan, not sports betting or casino gaming.

Is Live In-Play Betting Available At TwinSpires?

Yes. Not only does the homepage include live bets. There’s a whole live betting tab at the bottom of the app. It’s in a little box with the word live in, making it easy for bettors to find. Live betting is a popular form of betting, because it allows bettors to predict the changing tide of the game. If this type of risk-management appeals to you, it’s worth checking out these sections of TwinSpires. 

How Many Different Sports Does TwinSpires Sportsbook Offer Lines On?

About fifteen. However, that’s just how many sports were offered at its launch. That number will likely change for a few reasons. Olympic sports are only every two years, so that category will come and go. TwinSpires Sportsbook may onboard more oddsmakers with expertise in new sports. As long as it’s approved by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, that sport could be offered by TwinSpires. But for now, it has a healthy sports selection to choose from.  

Can Bettors Register TwinSpires Accounts From Anywhere In Michigan?

Yes. In fact, bettors can register accounts outside Michigan too. Downloading the app and managing the account can be done from anywhere. But wagers will not go through unless bettors are inside Michigan. The TwinSpires has a geofence around Michigan that keeps wagers from outside Michigan out. It’s a common technology that gives bettors ubiquitous account control, but keeps sports betting in states where the app is licensed. 

Does TwinSpires Offer Any Promotions, Like Deposit Bonuses Or Risk-Free Bets?

Yes. TwinSpires Sportsbook offers a $1,000 risk-free bet. That means bettors will earn site credits back on their losing wagers until they’ve: 

  • Received $1,000 in site credits 
  • Had their accounts open for seven days 
  • Won

Although this risk-free bet seems to let bettors wager at a slower pace and get rewarded, that’s not quite right. The incentive to bet big upfront to maximize site credits – or winnings – remains.

How Do Bettors Withdraw Their TwinSpires Winnings?

Click the account section in the top right corner of the screen. Then, select the withdraw option. Bettors can use PayPal, EZ Pay, or request a mailed check. These options ensure sportsbooks comply with strict know your customer protocols. They know who they’re sending money to so they don’t accidentally participate in money laundering. (Talk about high stakes for getting sportsbook payouts right!)

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