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WynnBET is a hidden gem in Michigan’s sports betting market. It has an easy signup process and deposits and withdrawals are straightforward, too. WynnBET’s odds are hit or miss. They tend to be among the best or worst with little in-between. Its list of sports and leagues is lacking, but that’s common among young brands. The app is a little glitchy, too, but that can improve over time. WynnBET isn’t the most polished sportsbook Michigan has to offer. But its best odds will pleasantly surprise bettors.

In late July 2021, WynnBET struck up a deal with the Detroit Lions to open a sports betting lounge in Ford Field. So, you now also have the option to bet in person with WynnBET in Detroit.

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WynnBET Michigan Sportsbook Promo Code June 2024

WynnBET offers a bet $10, win $200 welcome bonus. Bettors will be awarded winnings in site credits, so it’s not free cash. Bettors have to use it for betting. Of course, terms and conditions apply. You do not need a WynnBet Michigan promo code to claim this offer – just follow any of our links (like this one)

WynnBET Michigan Promo Code Click to Claim Promo
Welcome Bonus Bet $10, Win $200
What States Allow WynnBET Sportsbook AZ, CO, IN, NJ, TN & VA
WynnBET Land-Based Partner Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians
Promo Code Verified For June 2024

WynnBET’s welcome bonus is unique compared to Michigan’s competition. While FanDuel offers a $1,000 risk-free bet and Ceasars Sportsbook offers a first bet insurance up to $1,500, WynnBET offers a $10, win $200 offer that allows players to multiply their initial bet in winnings by a factor of 20.

Michiganders can also take advantage of promotions for WynnBET’s casino tab. But don’t mix the promotions up. The $1,000 deposit bonus is for the casino, not the sportsbook. 

Bettors must also remember that this bet is only good for the first wagers. That means it could be smart to bet big upfront and either enjoy a big win or maximize the site credits available for subsequent wagers.

WynnBET Rewards

Soon, bettors will have access to the Wynn Rewards program, which will be available on the WynnBet sportsbook and online casino app for Michigan bettors. Users will be able to collect points and use them toward free play or on-site comp credit at certain Wynn resorts.

Bettors can expect the new 3-tier WynnBet Rewards program sometime this fall. Users will have the opportunity to collect rewards points through mobile and desktop bets. They can then redeem their points for their choice of online play (with the bonus code FREECREDIT) or on-property benefits such as hotel room stays, meals, or on-site play (with the code COMPDOLLARS). The three membership tiers, in ascending order, include red, platinum, and black.


Sports bettors who want to be successful cannot get out of odds shopping. They have to look for the best odds every time so they can make up for losses over their lifetimes. Having multiple accounts across consistently competitive sportsbooks allows bettors to find better odds on every line. WynnBET’s odds are good enough that WynnBET should be one of those accounts.

Finding The Best Point Spreads And Over/Unders At WynnBET

Point spreads are wagers on how teams perform. If they win or lose by a certain amount, bettors can win even if their favorite team has little chance of winning. Over/unders are bets on the performance of both teams combined. If both teams cumulatively score higher or lower than a set amount, then bettors win.

For underdog and over bettors, higher numbers are better. +4.5 would be better than +4. The opposite is true for favorite and under bettors. Those bettors would rather bet on -4.5 than -4.

The standard odds on these wagers are -110 on both sides. But the odds can fluctuate across sportsbooks. Taking advantage of these fluctuations can earn bettors higher payouts for the same wager. Here’s an example of a point spread between WynnBET and Caesars Sportsbook:

  WynnBET Caesars Sportsbook
Carolina Hurricanes Point Spread +1 -180 +1.5 -280
New York Rangers Point Spread -1 +150 -1.5 +230

On this line, Caesars Sportsbook has the better spread. However, WynnBET has the better odds on the Hurricanes. Caesars is the best sportsbook to bet the Rangers, since the spread and the odds are better than WynnBET’s.

Despite the odds difference between WynnBET and Caesars, Caesars is the best book to bet the Hurricanes, too. The extra half-point spread increases the odds of the bet winning overall. So, even though the odds are better at WynnBET, the better spread at Caesars makes it the better book in this set.

This is the kind of analysis bettors need to learn how to make if they want to improve their sports betting strategies.

Shopping Around For The Best Moneyline Odds

Moneyline bets are straightforward bets on who will win a match. All bettors have to do is find the highest odds whether they’re betting on an underdog or a favorite. Bettors like betting moneylines on baseball. So, moneylines are an integral part of sports betting. Here’s a set of moneylines from WynnBET and BetRivers:

  WynnBET BetRivers
Texas Rangers Odds +149 +145
Los Angeles Angels Odds -159 -175

On this line, WynnBET has better odds on both sides of the line than BetRivers. That’s an uncommon but valuable find. Often, one book will have better odds on the favorite, and one will have better odds on the underdog. These different patterns are why odds shopping is so important.

Finding The Best Futures Odds At WynnBET

Some sportsbooks offer more competitive futures odds than others because of something called theoretical hold. Theoretical hold is the amount of money that sportsbooks expect to make from their customers after the book pays winnings. A low theoretical hold means more competitive odds as a group. But bettors still have to shop for odds on each line. High-hold books can still have the best odds on one line even if most of the group is uncompetitive. Here’s that type of analysis in action:

  WynnBET FanDuel
MLB Futures Theoretical Hold 18.92% 15.33%
New York Yankees Odds +750 +600

WynnBET’s theoretical hold is a little higher than FanDuel’s. But unless the difference is 5-6% greater, bettors probably won’t notice a big difference in odds overall. A higher theoretical hold doesn’t stop WynnBET from having the better odds on the Yankees, either. So, bettors always have to odds shop and avoid getting sidetracked by other measures of competitiveness.


Wynn Bet’s greatest weakness is its small selection of sports and leagues. Bettors will find the core professional sports that are most popular among Americans. But besides football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, bettors won’t find much. Soccer, MMA, golf, and tennis are all that’s left. Leagues within these sports improve an otherwise limited selection of betting options. For example, bettors will find college and professional basketball tucked in the basketball section. While that may seem obvious, many sportsbooks list college leagues in their main sport categories. It makes them easier to find. 

Compare that to other sportsbook brands like Barstool Sportsbook. Barstool Sportsbook has more than twice the number of sports to bet on. Its full selection of leagues dwarfs Wynn Bet’s. Other major brands have larger selections, too. 

Wynn Bet’s odds help make up for this shortfall. However, bettors who wager outside the mainstream sports won’t find what they’re looking for. Even rugby fans will have to look elsewhere for their lines.

However, this is a common flaw among casino sportsbook brands. Sportsbooks need oddsmakers with expertise in the sports offered. Sport selections can also expand over time as sportsbooks address sport and league shortages. Expect this to improve over time.  


Wynn Bet offers few deposit and withdrawal options. While it’s common to have few withdrawal options, having only three deposit options is a liability. Especially in a new market where early competitive advantages are critical to long-term success. Wynn Bet’s deposit options include: 

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • eCheck
  • Play+ Card

This is probably a result of Wynn Bet’s commitment to account security. The last two deposit methods are the two withdrawal methods because they’re tied to bettor identities. (Anyone who’s had to replace a hacked card can figure out why credit and debit cards aren’t withdrawal methods.) For clarity, the Wynn Bet withdrawal methods are: 

  • Play+ Card
  • eCheck

These are characteristically secure withdrawal methods that ensure sportsbooks pay the individual named on the account. (We’ll get to why that’s important in a few hundred words.) 

Other sportsbooks allow online wallets like PayPal and Skrill to deposit funds. Online banking is also a common deposit and withdrawal method missing from this list. Rounding out financial transfer options to include these would give Wynn Bet bettors more flexibility moving money around. 


Wynn Bet is on its way to having a great app. Navigation is straightforward. The home page opens with popular game lines with an option to switch to upcoming game lines. At the bottom of the app, bettors can switch to live game lines where Wynn Bet has one of our favorite features. The live betting screen doesn’t only tell bettors which leagues have live games. They also tell bettors how many live games are in each category. This is an underrated feature that helps bettors tell whether their desired game is offered, hidden, or unavailable. 

However, the Wynn Bet app has one funky feature. Most sportsbooks have an A-Z sports list that lets bettors scroll through available sports and leagues. Wynn Bet has it too, but it’s hidden in the search tab. It’s a clunky hiding spot for an otherwise common feature. Leagues also don’t have collapsable tabs. So, bettors scrolling through the soccer section have to scroll past all the English, Spanish, Italian, and German leagues. They can’t collapse menus and skip down to the French leagues.


Wynn Bet has a lot going for it. It tends to go all-out or slink back on its odds. It’s made itself into a sportsbook that Michiganders have to check if they’re value-shopping. Wynn Bet offers a respectable sportsbook risk-free bonus, too. However, Wynn Bet also has a list of improvements it could make. It has few deposit options compared to its competitors, which could add inconvenience to experienced bettors. Wynn Bet also needs to increase its selection of sports and leagues. Finally, it needs to streamline its app’s navigational functions to make it easier to breeze through the lines.

Is WynnBet A Legit Company? 

Yes. WynnBet is a legitimate company, a licensed sportsbook, and a safe place for sports betting. Here are five reasons bettors can trust that WynnBet isn’t some shady sportsbook from dark corners of the planet. 

It’s Owned By Wynn Resorts

Wynn Resorts owns a chain of casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, Macau, Cotai, and Boston Harbor. This multinational company was founded in 2002 and has a track record of legitimate business dealings. Yes, it’s a low bar. But it’s a higher bar than the offshore sportsbooks we’re comparing WynnBet to.  

Wynn Resorts’ Macau Location Set An Award-Winning Record

The Macau resort was the only resort in the world to achieve one honor. It’s the only resort to get eight five-star ratings on the 2019 Forbes Travel Guide Star Rating list. A company that can earn this honor is likely to put the same care and attention into its other ventures. At the very least, it’s a company that will play by industry rules. 

Wynn Resorts Is Publicly Traded

The best thing about publicly traded companies is their financial disclosures. Bettors, regulators, and analysts all have access to Wynn Resorts’ annual financial statements. They’re not page-turners, but they’re transparent company summaries that reassure investors that there’s no illegal activity. 

WynnBet Is Licensed In Multiple States

Not only did Michigan’s Gaming Control Board approve WynnBet. Other states also subjected the company to a grueling process. They pulled financial statements, ran background checks, and tested server security. WynnBet got the stamp of approval from many state regulators, signaling its quality and safety. 

WynnBet Continues To Be Allowed Into New States

It’s one thing for a sportsbook to get into the first three states. But getting into the next five requires sportsbooks to be on their best behavior. WynnBet could enter five more states because of its positive track record in its first three. It’s a sign it operates legitimately and that ensures it continues to do so. 

Why Choose WynnBet Over Illegal Betting Sites? 

The nice thing about betting at WynnBet instead of an illegal site is bettors know who they’re dealing with. Bettors can find Wynn Resorts’ public filings because they’re publicly traded. Inquisitive bettors can dig through the license requirements in their states. Michigan’s are dense but robust and worth the read for anxious bettors. But illegal betting sites don’t share that transparency or endure any vetting process. There are different reasons some betting sites are illegal. The best-case scenario is an illegal offshore site whose practices the United States can’t check. 

The worst case is infinitely darker.  

The Best Case

The least insidious reason a site is illegal is that it’s offshore and outside of American jurisdiction. That prevents regulatory agencies from cracking down on it if it stiffs bettors. A common reason might be a security breach or cash mismanagement. An offshore sportsbook that lacked proper security could lose bank accounts and social security numbers. A poorly run offshore sportsbook could also run out of money to pay winners. Either way, bettors don’t have any recourse at home. Offshore sportsbooks can’t be crushed by any one country, even if they behave poorly. 

WynnBet has none of those problems. Its security is tested and its cash reserves are monitored and regulated. 

The Worst-Case

A bettor’s worst-case scenario at an illegal site would be unknowingly funding sex or drug trafficking. Illegal sports betting is lucrative for criminals. They can fix odds and withhold bettor winnings to make massive profits. The worst illegal sportsbooks let bettors wager on credit, then collect the debt with unethical, and possibly violent, methods. But that illegal sportsbook can be one piece of a larger criminal empire whose main business is something worse than gambling. Many illegal sportsbooks do not fall under this category. But any unfamiliar, unregulated, and unsafe sports betting site could be something like this. 

Obviously, Wynn Bet has none of these flaws. 

Why You Can Trust WynnBet With Your Money

WynnBet is unique in that it’s owned by a publicly-traded company. We’ve harped on this point a few times, but not all sportsbook companies are subject to SEC levels of scrutiny. For skeptical bettors, Wynn Resorts’ financials are critical to establishing trust with Wynn Bet. 

Financial statements are so sensitive because among other things: 

  • They reveal where money comes from and where it goes
  • They are blueprints on how a company is more or less profitable than its competitors 

Both of these reasons give financially literate readers ways to figure out whether a company is making money from illegal activities. 

For example, a sportsbook company that keeps triple what its competitors do in profit is worth a second look. This fictional company may have some game-changing innovations that the rest of the market hasn’t discovered yet. But it’d be more easily explained by an extra source of cash that has nothing to do with the business. 

But if it isn’t that obvious, simple math can give shady companies away, too. If the revenue and costs don’t add up to the right profit, that’s a red flag, too. 

Wynn Resorts’ financials don’t have these red flags. They’re not plagued by security breaches or undisclosed sources of funds. WynnBet is a legitimate company that bettors can feel secure betting with. 

WynnBet Fact Sheet

How Old Do You Have To Be? 21
What States Is It Legal In? AZ, CO, IN, NJ, TN & VA
Who Is Wynn Bet’s Partner In Michigan? Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians

WynnBET Sportsbook Michigan FAQs

Is Online Sports Betting At WynnBet Legal In Michigan?

Yes. Online sports betting took a long time to come to Michigan. Retail sports betting went live in mid-March 2020. Less than a week later, the pandemic lockdowns shut the casinos down. Three months went by before the casinos and retail sportsbooks could reopen. But the Michigan Gaming Control Board had to write the rules that mobile operators would follow. It took a while, but in late January 2021, mobile sports betting launched in Michigan. 

How Old Do Bettors Have To Be To Bet At WynnBet?

At least 21. It’s one of the boxes bettors check when they create their WynnBet accounts. On step three, the second box confirms that bettors are at least 21. It also confirms that they’re eligible to wager at an online sportsbook. A young bettor could lie, but they wouldn’t get through the followup step of uploading a government ID. There’s no fooling the app. If you’re 20, you’re not getting in. 

Do Bettors Have To Be In Michigan To Bet At WynnBet Michigan?

Yes. WynnBet won’t process wagers that aren’t placed in a legal state. If Michiganders want to place a wager at WynnBet while they’re visiting family in Texas, too bad. Bettors can manage their accounts and even withdraw funds out of state. But no bets will process if they’re placed outside the Michigan border. 

How Do Bettors Get Paid Winnings From WynnBet?

Winnings are credited to a bettor’s WynnBet account. Bettors can go to their accounts to see their settled wagers. If they were lucky enough to win, the stake and winnings will be in a pile in the account. From there, bettors can select the ‘withdraw’ option to transfer their winnings out of WynnBet. Withdrawals can take a few days to process depending on the withdrawal method. So don’t panic if it takes a few days. 

Can Michigan Bettors Do Live Betting At WynnBet?

Yes. WynnBet has a live betting tab for game lines that update during the game. It’s an edge-of-your-seat experience for bettors who think they can time the game’s tide. Anyone who thought Dustin Poirier at the end of round one with McGregor probably got great odds in their 2021 match. Anyone who wants to experience the thrill of live betting now has that option from home in Michigan. 

Can Michigan Bettors Sign Up From Anywhere In Michigan?

Yes. Bettors can even go a step further and sign up from anywhere in the United States. As we said before, bettors can manage their accounts from out of state. The geofence around Michigan only blocks wagers. Anyone who wants to deposit money, withdraw winnings, or change account settings are free to do so. 

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